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For jetset glamour, eco-excursions, seaside seclusion or colonial charm, the Caribbean has something for everyone. FASHION's feature editor explores.


The Style Isle...for chic shops, sultry nightlife and high-end hedonism.

With Vespas zipping past its yacht-lined harbour and a glittery jetset scene, St. Barths is more Côte d’Azur than Caribbean. Too chic for mega-resorts, casinos, all-inclusives or golf courses, this is as close as you’ll get to a posh Med scene without crossing the Atlantic. Sunshine, socializing and shopping are the St. Barths’ trifecta. The Hermès-, Cartier- and Vuitton-stocked Gustavia harbour and smaller boutiques of St. Jean are both world-class spots to melt your plastique. Nightlife thrives and perennial favourites carry on: In Gustavia, it’s Red Stripes at low-key Le Select, seafood dinners at Maya’s and sunset cocktails at Carl Gustaf overlooking the harbour.

Shown: Hotel Guanahani's oceanside coast.

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Editor’s Picks: Top 10 Travel Hot Spots

L’Albereta, Italy

Forty minutes from modern Milan to old-world Italy, this 19th-century villa in the Lombardy countryside is home to famed chef Gualtiero Marchesi, the first Italian to win three Michelin stars. Add to that a state-of-the-art beauty and wellness facility—more than a mere spa. Treatments here are in keeping with the proactive European tradition of health, cleansing, acupuncture and mesotherapy, which has celebrity guests like Karl Lagerfeld and Sophia Loren coming back for more.

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Hot Bespoke toiletries, like exclusive cologne @ Hôtel St. Paul in Montreal and @ the Ferragamo hotels in Florence

Hot Amenity Menus: for soap @ Grand Hyatt São Paulo; for sheets @ Palazzo Sasso in Ravello, Italy; and for pillows @ the Benjamin New York

Hot In-room vending machines for champagne and other fun indulgences @ the Zetter in London

Hot Gourmet hotel pet food, like Doggie Happy Hour @ Grove Isle Club & Resort, Miami; pet room service @ Nine Zero Hotel, Boston; and a Feed the Party Animal menu @ Le Parker Meridien, New York

Hot Snowmobile valet @ the Fairmont Le Manor Richelieu in La Malbaie, Quebec

Jamaica - The Island [details]


Jamaica. Exciting, provocative, colorful, unpredictable, sometimes downright scary. If you habitually avoid the unexpected and seek the sanctuary of American food chains and a buttoned-down culture, then you're better off in Florida. But if you live for adventure and spicy foods, this could become your favorite tropical getaway.

Jamaica's rich history runs the gamut from pirates to plantations, from colonialism and slave revolts to proud independence. Today, the tropical island has become the land of relaxation, reggae and Rasta culture. Tourism now accounts for 45 percent of Jamaica's (reported) foreign income, and we can see why. Thanks to the island's warm, crystal blue water, teeming fish and gorgeous reefs, it is the perfect place to learn how to scuba dive or spend a relaxing day snorkeling. The adventurous can also go 4x4 off-roading through the jungle, take a river rafting trip to spot crocodiles, or hike to a secluded waterfall. If you can dream it up, you can do it here. From water skiing to Sea-Dooing to river tubing and horseback riding; it's all available in Jamaica. Click above for more details...

The hip way to travel has gone eco [details]


The world's largest industry – tourism – means big business. Every hour of every day, millions of people board planes, trains and boats and set off for distant, exotic places. Unfortunately, this large number of travelers – and the money spent ensuring their comfort and pleasure – has a huge impact on nature and the people who live in vacationing hotspots. Many tourism developments and practices, working in the interest of making money, undermine habitats and landscapes, deplete natural resources, and generate waste and pollution. So, what's the solution? How do we see the rest of the world without wrecking it? Many say the solution is simple: ecotourism.

The International Tourism Society defines ecotourism as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of local people." But, are current ecotourism developments always the responsible alternative? Think about the building of roads, parking lots and hotels in national parks to accommodate more travelers who want to observe nature in its pristine form - if it seems ironic to you, you're right. And this is just one example of questionable ecotourism development happening all over the world. Click above for more details...

The city that never sleeps [details]

Hong Kong

That old cliché "the city that never sleeps" couldn't be truer of Hong Kong, nor could the expression "spoilt for choice" be a more fitting description for those looking for a good night out. Whether you're on Hong Kong Island or across the harbour in Kowloon, whether it's 6 p.m. or 6 a.m., a truly dizzying array of bars and clubs can be found to suit almost everyone's taste and purse-size.

Hong Kong IslandUsually seen as the glitzy big brother of Kowloon, the island dominates the nightlife scene. The Island can be spilt into two major entertainment districts - Lan Kwai Fong (or simply LKF to the locals) and Wan Chai - the former traditionally the more "respectable" (read: expensive) scene while the latter is usually considered the "grubbier" of the two. Dress-codes, therefore, are correspondingly casual (think flip flops and t-shirts) in Wan Chai and flashy (think killer heels and a lot of "bling") in LKF.

A good place to start on a night out would be these two areas of the island, if you still don't find what you're looking for, Tsimshatsui on the Kowloon side also has a few watering holes worth the 60 HKD taxi ride. Click above for more details...

Party Over Here! [details]

St. Barts

It is hard for me to actually relax while traveling, without turning much needed down time into a location scout, or writing assignment. (Hence, this writing assignment!) In my search for a new relaxing vacation destination I called a friend who suggested an amazing little island in the Caribbean called St. Barts. I knew he would know where to go, and it sounded like the perfect little island, with beautiful white sand beaches, and crystal blue swimming pool waters.

While we spoke about St. Barts, my friend made another suggestion. Bring my party clothes. Party clothes? Here I was discussing how much I needed the time to relax, and yet, I was considering this place where sunsets gave way to evenings filled with decadent parties on yachts, at villas, and in restaurants on the beach? "Trust me, its paradise" he said, "Be careful... I know you, you'll fall in love". He abruptly said his good-bye, and I was left with intrigue. I took his advice and I booked my ticket to paradise.

Eight Square Miles

St. Barts was discovered by Christopher Columbus and named after his brother, Bartolomeo. You might not have heard of it, or heard very little about it, because it has been one of the world's best-kept secrets. When I say little, I mean tiny. The island is only eight square miles in size. St. Barts across from St. Martin, and it is very French. Most everyone speaks French who live there. There aren't any cruise ships allowed in the waters around St. Barts, and there is little to no tourism promotion. You almost have had to find out about St. Barts via a recommendation, or just by accident. Click above for more details...

The magical 'Big Island' [details]

Aloha, Hawaii

The 'Big Island', known as Hawaii, is an amazing mix of old meets new. The largest in the Hawaiian Island chain, you can fit the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Lanai, Maui, and Molokai in it, and still have room to spare. It is vast in land mass, and diverse in geography, with one side of the island, known as the Kona side, desert like in appearance and arid, with 10 inches of rainfall a year, compared to the Hilo side, which averages 250 inches a year. In driving time around the whole island, it is approximately 8 hours without stopping. This vastness lends to an eye full of beauty everywhere you turn. It is an island that is alive and growing, and a lesson to those who visit, in history.

I landed on the Kona side of Hawaii. The airstrip is carved out of black volcanic lava fields. It's quite unique and beautiful, and you begin to feel as if you have stepped back into time. Immediately after arrival, I hurried to my car rental area. I suggest that you rent a car, as it is one of the best ways to experience the island.

With map in hand, I ventured to the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Kona. The resort is on a half mile of white sand beach, on the Kona Coast, about 10 minutes from the airport. It is incredible, and there has been great care in keeping with nature and solitude. As I walked around, I noticed that the grounds had remnants of ancient lava flows and beautiful birds and flowers I had never seen before. It is a quiet, serene place that you can bring your family to, with five pools, three wonderful restaurants, and a top rate fitness club boasting tennis, canoeing, surfing and, for those who want nothing but pampering, a full service spa where you can have an outdoor massage or body scrub... trust me, you'll leave rejuvenated. Click above for more details...

St. Tropez, Côte d' Azur [details]

St. Tropez Anything Goes!

St. Tropez's reputation precedes it. No matter what you might have heard about this amazing area--it's all true! Basically, anything goes! St. Tropez (pronounced 'san-tropay' by Europeans) is one of the world's most decadent wonders, sporting the best of restaurants, nightlife, beaches, shopping and beautiful people.

No one should miss visiting this famous (or, some might say, infamous!) locale, on the Southern Riviera, in their lifetime. Coastal cities such as Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes and Marseille and further south to St. Tropez, make up the Côte d' Azur. The Côte d' Azur, meaning "Blue Coast", is wedged between Italy to the north, and Spain to the South. Made famous by world renowned actress, Bridgett Bardot in the 50's, its perfect weather and party atmosphere make St. Tropez a 'must do' destination getaway.

Fast Fact:
Saint-Tropez's port, at the beginning of the twentieth century, was mainly used for shipping and fishing. By the end of WW II (1944), the port was destroyed then rebuilt. An ideal location for Paris artists, writers and actors to set up shop during the summer months, St. Tropez garnered its reputation by the 1950s, as an eclectic area. Click above for more details...

The top of the world [details]

Travel to St. Moritz

If you belong to the Jet-Set millionaire clique then you've probably already been to St. Moritz--or at least heard a lot about it from your Jet-Set friends. If not, I can tell you that, in a nutshell, St. Moritz is the most glamorous, posh, exclusive and expensive winter resort town in the world. If you can manage to get there, expect to pay four times as much as you would anywhere else - and that's if you don't go shopping!

Arriving into St. Moritz, nestled on the sunny side of the Swiss Alps, is challenging--to say the least. On a typical snowy winter night it's not uncommon to be saddled with a fog of snow so thick that it prevents you from seeing further than a meter in front of your car (just to make the trip a bit more interesting). The mountain road you take to St. Moritz is unusually windy and often terrifying narrow--not a single mile of it is straight (or easy to drive on, for that matter). If you manage to climb up safely with the right car and tires, the reward is well worth it the next morning.

Imagine waking up in Switzerland surrounded by a splendid circus of purely white mountains and three frozen lakes... The sensation of being at the top of the world starts reaching you, and it won't stop throughout your stay. Click above for more details...

Providenciales (Turks & Caicos Islands), Caribbean [details]

Caribbean Life Living the Island Life

I live on the island of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. Unspoiled, this "beautiful by nature" island is nestled in the magical splendor of the Caribbean. Providenciales blends tradition, culture, beauty and innocence to create a strong sense of pride amongst its people. Offering the best in everything from diving, pristine beaches, sunrises, sunsets and stargazing, this island is often said to be a peaceful place to relax and renew your mind, body, spirit and soul.

I have lived on the island of Providenciales much of my adult life. The nights here are clear: so clear that a quarter moon casts a shadow, and a full moon lights up the entire landscape. The flawless white sand beaches and turquoise waters are enviable and I often think about how lucky I am to live such a relaxed life. But island life it not always easy - it has its ups and downs. Click above for more details...

Romancing the walled city [details]


I got hooked on travel early in life. And for many years, beginning long before my first passport, it seemed to me that one of the transcendent travel experiences must be to walk the grey stone ramparts of Carcassonne, preferably at night and preferably in the autumn. This notion was firmly lodged in my brain when, as a diffident fourteen-year-old, I discovered the books of one of the most popular travel writers of any era, Richard Halliburton.

In his heyday in the 'twenties and 'thirties, Halliburton was a household name in America and one of the most widely-read authors of his time. He had discovered early on that what his audience wanted from him was not culture, not politics and geography but adventure and, above all, the romance of travel. And that is what he gave them. He travelled on a shoestring to the most exotic corners of the globe and when adventure did not present itself, he created it.

One example will give you the flavour: broke in Buenos Aires while writing the newspaper series that was to become New Worlds to Conquer he spurned an easy bail-out from his publisher and instead invested his last few dollars in a trained monkey and a broken down hurdy gurdy. Performing in the city's parks and streets earned him: a) a night in jail for by-law infractions; b) a memorable yarn for the newspapers and c) enough money for his passage all the way north to Rio. The unfortunate monkey died on the voyage - not to worry, he milked that story too. Click above for more details...

The coffee is really good [details]


AMSTERDAM! I've been to this city so many times...this city, where mostly everything is legal. This city, where dope, prostitution and partying all night long is a must. If you ever get the chance visit, the following is uPath's favorite coffee shops in which to chill and meet people from all over the world. Note: sorry if some of the coffee shops have no street name listed--but when you get to Amsterdam, go to any store that sells bongs or dope-related articles and you can pick up the Amsterdam Red Light District map for free.

Located on Warmoestraat, the Baba is sandwiched between sex shops, gay clubs and 24-hour live erotic shows in the Red Light District. A great place to chill in the confines of Middle Eastern/Indian dark wood furniture and dim lighting decor. Try the non-alcoholic bar and its 'space cakes'. The cannabis selection is decent. Try their 'Dutch Turbo Weed' and the bar's selection of imported hash. They used to have a great selection of bongs but most of them are broken.

Barney's Breakfast Bar Located on Haarlemerstraat, ten minutes walking distance from the Central Station, the BBB is a great Irish joint with a great selection of high quality grass and an American-Irish style breakfast. BBB is one of the rare coffee shops that open at 8 am. Mellow music, a great breakfast and a large selection of hydro-grass -- this place is for those who like starting the morning easy and well fed! Click above for more details...

A perfect "10" [details]


I'll have some Manzanillo with that Margarita, Por Favor!

I was looking for a place to relax and a quick getaway, when Manzanillo, and the gorgeous Grand Bay Resort, dropped into my lap. I hadn't thought of Manzanillo. I had remembered it from the movie, "10," with Bo Derrick. Remember the famous scene of her running on the beach... welcome to Manzanillo!

Where is Manzanillo?

Mexico! A quick getaway to somewhere exotic and tropical. Approximately 2 1/2 hours down south into Mexico, with direct flights from several major west coast cities. I left LAX and within no time, was walking on this amazing beach, with a cocoa loco in hand. Manzanillo lies in between Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta.

I arrived on a Friday-early evening. I had taken the direct flight from LAX into ZLO (Manzanillo) and gained 2 hours. It was an easy flight and the landing has to be one of the most amazing around... the airstrip sits within 10 feet of the beach, so as you land parallel to the ocean, you see this beautiful water on one side, and a lush forest on the other. Unlike Cabo, it is extremely tropical.

Their system of checking your bags, lies with a simple button that looks as if you're about to launch a missile test. If the light buzzes green... it's a go, and they don't ask to check your bags. If it buzzes red.. guess what... some very polite airport official, asks that you open a bag or two. It is a very laid back area, and right away, you feel as if you have left civilization miles away. Click above for more details...

The essential guide [details]


Known to be one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world, Toronto has, in recent years, shaken off its rather boring image, and been hailed as an exciting, friendly and unique city. This may be due, in part, to the fact that Toronto is the most ethnically diverse city in the world, with over half of its 5 million population having been born outside of Canada.

This diversity has created many culturally rich--and authentic--pockets within the city, such as 'Little Italy', 'The Danforth' (aka. 'Greek Town'), a large Chinatown, and many more vibrant and unique areas.

You may have also heard that Toronto has been nick-named 'Hollywood North'. At any given time, there are always sixty or more movies / productions being filmed in Toronto, making it a prime city for celebrity-spotting.

According to a recent 'Toronto Life magazine' survey, 82% of people who live in Toronto say that Toronto is the best, or one of the best, cities in the world and 89% say that they love living in Toronto. Click above for more details...