Who's that girl?

Perfume is no longer just about floral, woody or fruity notes, but rather, the woman wearing the scent.


Wears: CHANEL No5 Eau Première (from $110, at department stores).

Her personality: A perfectly put-together, label-devoted fashionista who is always in style—much like the new face of Chanel No5, Audrey Tautou, who is also playing the role of Coco in the highly anticipated movie Coco Avant Chanel.

The scent: The latest incarnation of Chanel’s iconic No5 scent—worn by some of the most beautiful and sophisticated women in the world, from Marilyn Monroe, Carole Bouquet and Catherine Deneuve to Estella Warren and Nicole Kidman—Chanel No5 Eau Première is a fresher, lighter, softer bouquet than the original, ever-popular fragrance, created in 1920 by the couture house’s first nose, Ernest Beaux.

Why she loves it: “We felt the need to create a new approach to No5,” explains Jacques Polge, creator of Eau Première and master perfumer for Chanel. He sees the juice as an easier way for women to wear the defi nitive scent. Eau Premie`re embodies the original No5 ingredients in a cleaner, more delicately transparent and youthful way. e top notes are metallic and fresh, combining ylang-ylang and neroli. The middle notes are floral, offering wafts of May rose and jasmine. And the base of the scent is ethereal, with warm and woody bourbon vetiver and bourbon vanilla for a mellow, sensual appeal.

How to wear it: Spritzed on the wrists and behind the knees. Eau Première is the couture accessory for fashionable girls.

“Fashion moves on, style remains.”—Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

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Group of seven

More than status symbols, these seven iconic moments changed the face of beauty forever.

Chanel Le Vernis in “Vamp”

Launched: Originally mixed for models by makeup artists backstage at a 1994 Chanel runway show, the nearly black nail polish debuted on counters in 1995. Who made it famous: Uma Thurman lent the offbeat shade screen cred in 1994’s Pulp Fiction. Rise of an icon: With goth influences infiltrating popular culture, the plum undertones of “Vamp” elevated it from Elvira to everyday wearability. While rumours of wait-lists only added to the frenzy, Demi Moore reportedly bought the tester from Barneys in Beverly Hills. Lasting legacy: “Vamp” is still available at Chanel counters under the less evocative name “Rouge Noir.” New classics: Chanel Le Vernis ($25, at department stores) in “Black Satin” and “Tulipe Noire.”

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The Latest Beauty Picks


Whether you're going for classic smoky glam or trying out a bold and bright color trend, YSL's iconic, Mondrian-inspired shadow quads give eyes instant intrigue. The luxe gold cases hold everything you need to perfectly line, shade and illuminate your eyes, while the highly-saturated pigments ensure your fiercest look will last all night long.

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Scents of the occasion

We've rifled through our beauty closet to find the best summer fragrance for everything from a picnic to a black-tie gala.

Vera Wang Bouquet (from $90, at the Bay)
With notes of: Sicilian bergamot, honeysuckle and lavender musk
Wear it to: A wedding
Why we love it: You don’t have to catch the bride’s bouquet to be the next lucky lady; with a spray of this fragrance, you’ll have all of the bachelors lining up.

Lacoste Dream of Pink ($72, at Shoppers Drug Mart)
With notes of: Sweet red berries, lotus flower and sandalwood
Wear it to: Get an ice cream cone
Why we love it: It whisks us back to our youth. Fuzzy Peach candies or jawbreakers, anyone?

Roxy Love (from $53, at Sears and Shoppers Drug Mart)
With notes of: Tangerine, peony and musk
Wear it to: A day at the beach
Why we love it: The citrusy floral scent carries you through lounging in the sun to a game of pickup volleyball.

Ralph Lauren Wild (from $70, at department stores)
With notes of: Watermelon, cherry blossom and creamy musk
Wear it to: A weekend at the cottage
Why we love it: Whether you’re wakeboarding or riding the trails, one spray turns the most timid into an adventure seeker.

Dior Addict 2 (from $50, sephora.com)
With notes of: Grapefruit, lily of the valley and cedarwood
Wear it to: A shopping date with your girlfriends
Why we love it: We know an afternoon with your girlfriends is anything but innocent, so let this flirtatiously sweet fragrance be your master of disguise.

Boss Femme (from $72, at department stores)
With notes of: Blackcurrant, white flowers and satinwood
Wear it to: An evening gala
Why we love it: The scent is simple yet boasts confidence and elegance—the best accessories for summer evenings.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (from $77, at department stores)
With notes of: Bluebell, bamboo and amber
Wear it to: A picnic
Why we love it: An oldie that’s definitely still a goodie, this clean and crisp scent finds a spot on our shelves every summer.

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Why You Should Wear Cologne

Because it’s inviting. At least it should be. We offer the finer points of cologne-wearing, including a scale on just how enthusiastic you should be about your scent.

Boss Pure

Personal space is a space too often ignored by men. It contains you and, if you're lucky, another person of your choosing. Thus it should be welcoming and, occasionally, fragrant. A few rules: Apply a light, citrus-based cologne during the day and a heavy, woody cologne at night. And be conservative. A woman's sense of smell is more finely attuned than a man's. If you have oily skin, use less. If it's hot out, use less. Always, use less. The impact of a man's cologne should be only as extensive as his personal space. His "scent enthusiasm" should be between levels 1 and 3 (see below). Why cologne? Because women.

Scent Enthusiasm: A Guide

Level 4: Overeager
Commonly found: malls, Staten Island

Level 3: Moderate-Plus
Commonly found: fine restaurants

Level 2: Moderate
Commonly found: the office

Level 1: Uninterested
Commonly found: Burning Man

Level 0: Nonexistent
Commonly found: Latvian tour buses

Boss Pure
Their description: Fizzy Mediterranean citrus with juicy fruit notes and water accord.

Our translation: Like a spring breeze through an oceanside grapefruit stand. And baby powder. ($65; hugoboss.com)

Diesel Fuel for Life
Their description: Powdery, with notes of grapefruit, lavender, and vetiver.

Our translation: Like licorice and wood. ($60; diesel.com)

Lacoste Essential
Their description: Fresh and mellow, with notes of citrus, fruit, and water.

Our translation: Like apple cider and freshly mowed lawn. ($65; lacoste.com)

Polo Explorer
Their description: A fresh, woody amber, with notes of fruit and sandalwood.

Our translation: Like eating pears in the forest after a spring rain. ($68; ralphlauren.com)

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Beauty Board

The experimental, product-loving, wannabe makeup artist inside of us is over the moon about the slew of compelling beauty looks that debuted on the fall runways. While we haven’t broken out our teasing combs to try sexy sixties hair yet, we did spend part of our Saturday afternoon mastering our new favorite trend—panda eyes. (click image to enlarge)

McGrath first perfected the models’ skin with liquid foundation and concealer. She uses MAX Factor ColorGenius Foundation ($9.49) or Dior DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup ($42), as well as the makeup artist favorite, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ($28). Then she dusted a colorless loose powder, Shu Uemura Face Powder Matte ($33), on the skin to give it a matte finish. For the eyes, she blended black cream shadow, specifically Dior Eye Show in Glam & Glitz Black ($30), on the lid and up to the crease, in an extended oval shape (it’s so panda-like!). Next, she lined the lower lid with a black eye pencil; try Givenchy Magic Khol Eye Liner Pencil in Black ($21.50). Using a wet eyeliner brush, McGrath applied the silver shade in CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Eyeshadow in Drama Eyes ($5.49) to the inner eye corners and added sheen to the upper lid with a smidge of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($16).
Brows were lightly defined with Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil ($24); try CoverGirl Brow & Eye Makers in Soft Brown ($2.69) for a similar look. Then she used NARS Blush in Zen ($25) to contour cheeks and highlighted both cheeks and brows with the nude beige shimmer of NARS The Multiple in Copacabana ($37). Finally, McGrath lightly brushed NARS’ Concealer ($21) on the models lips for a nude mouth.

Again, McGrath started by perfecting the skin (see all her favorite products above in Lanvin). Next she lined the entire eye with black pencil, CoverGirl’s Perfect Blend Eyeliner in Basic Black ($3.99), and smudged it to softer the effect. Then, using a soft shadow brush, she blended black eye shadow, specifically Stila’s Matte Eye Shadow in Makalu ($18), over the pencil liner. McGrath then added NARS Cream Eyeshadow in Zardoz ($21) across the upper lid. She applied a bit of gloss to the center of the lid for a wet shine (again, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, $16). The look was finished with Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sculpting Powder in Medium ($42) on the cheekbones and a light coat of MAX Factor Erace Concealer ($3.99) on the lips.

1. Dior Dior Eye Show in Glam & Glitz Black ($30)
2. Givenchy Magic Khol Eye Liner Pencil in Black ($21.50)
3. NARS The Multiple in Copacabana ($37)
4. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($16)
5. CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Eyeshadow in Drama Eyes ($5.49)
6. Stila Matte Eye Shadow in Makalu ($18)
7. MAX Factor Erace Concealer ($3.99)
8. Nars Cream Eyeshadow in Zardoz ($21)

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Most Wanted: Summer

Juicy lip glosses, beneficial bronzers and skin care to repair and renew.

Bronzer bonanza

All skin types benefit from this season’s bevy of bronzers: They moisturize and reflect light, giving you a sun-kissed glow.

Smashbox Desert Chic Fusion Body Bronzing Powder & Brush Set ($64, sephora.com)
•Cargo Melt-proof Bronzer ($39, part of kit, sephora.com)
•Revlon ColorStay Mineral Bronzer ($16, at drugstores)
•M.A.C Heatherette Beauty Powder ($27, at the Bay)
•The Body Shop Sun Lustre Bronzer ($25, at The Body Shop)
•Tigi Bed Head Brazilian Bronze Bronzing Stick ($25, at salons)
•Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder ($55, at department stores)

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2008 Men's Cologne

The best 2008 men’s colognes provide you with all you need to attract the right kind of attention at any event or casual gathering. Then again, some of these men’s colognes are so good you’ll want to wear them even when you make a coffee run.

Must de Cartier pour Homme

The search for a new cologne, however, is also a search for who you are as a man because its distinctive smell will reflect on your personality and complement your daily life.
Categorized by the occasion they are best suited for, here are the 2008 men’s colognes you should be dabbing on.

formal event

Boucheron pour Homme
A unique mixture of classic sandalwood tones with lighter citrus notes combine to make a one-of-a-kind continental scent in this 2008 men’s cologne. Less is more when it comes to a deeper toned scent like this one, which makes it perfect for a formal evening when you want only a select few to notice you. Price: $59 at Shop.Nordstrom.com

Hugh Parsons Traditional
Sometimes, to complete the formal wear look, you have to find a new scent based on the traditional English themes of warmth and sophistication. Enter Hugh Parsons and his Traditional cologne. This is a scent for a modern, young man who longs to see the world from the rail of a steamship. This 2008 men’s cologne is subtle, elegant, formal, and affordable. Price: $50 at Shop.Nordstrom.com

date night

Burberry Summer
Summer from Burberry is a reinterpretation of its classic cologne but with lighter tones, allowing you to wear just a little more without sending her running. This is a relaxed 2008 men’s cologne that serves best on those informal nights when anything is possible. Price: $55 at Shop.Nordstrom.com

Bulgari pour Homme Soir
The alternative to a light date night scent is the heavy masculinity of the musk-based Bulgari pour Homme “Soir.” This is the scent you want to have on when your intentions are clear and simple. What sets this cologne apart from all the others is the central tones derived from guaiac wood with a mixture of subtle amber. Price: $55 at Shop.Nordstrom.com

Must de Cartier pour Homme
While Burberry Summer is light and Bulgari’s Soir raised the bar, the cologne to wear when conquest is a foregone conclusion is Must de Cartier. The thunderous mixture of masculine tones offset by tonka bean and vanilla is surely the most straightforward exclamation of what the evening will bring. Those drugstore body sprays wish they had the cajones of this cologne. Price: $90 at Shop.Nordstrom.com

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The 4 Best Deodorants

A look at four of the best deodorants on the market. Is your favorite one on our list?

Dolce & Gabbana, The One

Most smells on your body are the result of bacteria, which thrive in sweat. So you have two choices: cover the smell or stop yourself from sweating. While you might feel pushed away from antiperspirants, often by our own Dr. Oz (see right), if you're a heavy sweater, you don't have much choice. Otherwise, when you're not at the gym or on a court, go with a simple deodorant. Maybe even one with a designer scent. Maybe even one that's ridiculously expensive.

Tom's of Maine
An all-natural deodorant, Tom's is made with hops, which the company claims inhibit the growth of bacteria. Plus, it smells like you squeezed a lemon over your favorite flower. ($7; tomsofmaine.com)

Sisley Eau de Campagne
The potent, masculine scent of this spray deodorant -- like a basil leaf dipped in pinesap and patchouli -- can cover any stench, without being too overwhelming. For this price, it should -- it should also drive you to work every day. ($75; saksfifthavenue.com)

Gillette Clinical Strength
Best for the heaviest of sweaters, this clickable, soft-solid antiperspirant smells like a talcum-powder-dusted pinecone. Apply at night, when your sweat glands are least active (and easiest to clog). ($9; gilletteclinicalstrength.com)

Dolce & Gabbana, The One
This deodorant is almost a cologne in itself. It's as if you stacked fresh-cut oak on a pile of grapefruit just downwind from a tobacco farm. ($22; saksfifthavenue.com)

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Fashion Loves

Diaphanous spring fabrics inspired us to shed a few layers – of makeup that is – to reveal a natural look with a touch of pink.

Editor’s tip: After finishing your base, apply a light pink blush using a small blush brush, which allows you to concentrate on the apples of your cheeks and gives a rosy, healthy glow.

M.A.C Beauty Powder Blush ($22, at M.A.C) in “Shy Beauty.” Visit maccosmetics.com. Photography by Angela Martin.

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April Beauty Scoop

Magical makeup, the perfect Chanel polish, and achieving a flawless face.

FASHION Loves...Limited-edition Chanel Le Vernis Spring 2008 denim-esque nail colours: “Blue Satin” and “Azur” ($25 each, at department stores). Consider: Calvin, Fidelity and Hudson. Given that the right pair of jeans lifts our butt and elongates our legs, is it any wonder we’ll wear denim on any body part? Clearly, so will you. Wait-lists are knee-deep at Bergdorf Goodman. Just know acid wash is never an option.

Shown: Chanel Le Vernis nail colours in “Blue Satin” and “Azur,” $25 each. Visit Department Stores.

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Grooming: The "Anti" in Antiaging

We're all for aging gracefully, but wouldn't it be nice to do so without looking all that aged? We find four products that actually work.

What they do: Calm inflammation (redness) and help reduce the swelling (puffiness) that can result from environmental stress (sun damage, pollution).

Naturally found in: Green tea and grapes.
Also found in: Davi SPF 15 Lotion ($49).

Coenzyme Q10
What it does: Binds to harmful waste products in your skin and pushes them to the surface to shed. Also helps repair damaged skin cells. Promotes smoother, less saggy skin.

Naturally found in: Broccoli and spinach.
Also found in: Nivea for Men Revitalizing Eye Creme Q10 ($9).

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
What they do: Help skin cells shed more uniformly and keep pores clear. Promoteeven skin tone and fewer breakouts.

Naturally found in: Nothing you want to apply to your face.
Also found in: Priori Daily Defense SPF 30 ($35).

Vitamin A
What it does: Helps shed damaged skin cells and brings healthy replacements to the surface. Also increases skin thickness for firmer skin with fewer wrinkles and breakouts.

Naturally found in: Sweet potatoes and carrots.
Also found in: Anthony Vitamin A Anti-Aging Facial Treatment ($35).

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Fashion Loves

During your spring romp under the Dominican sun, protect your skin from the sun’s scorching rays.

Editor’s tip: Sunning your self south of the border? Beach antics are always a good time, but remember that too much time spent under the sun’s harsh UVA rays can be harmful to your skin. Apply a SPF 15 lotion to all of your exposed areas (trust us, you’ll still get a glow) every two hours to avoid burning and potential skin damage.

L’ORÉAL Ombrelle SPF Lotion 15, $12. Visit drugstores.

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Shades of Red: The success of M.A.C

You wouldn’t think a tube of lipstick could help fight HIV/AIDS, but since 1994 M.A.C has proven that statement true.

Not just because it has generated over US$100 million through sales of its Viva Glam Lipstick (six shades) and Lipglass (two shades), or because every single cent from each product sold is donated, or even because of its lippy roster of celebrity spokespeople, such as Linda Evangelista, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, Debbie Harry and, now, Fergie. Nope. According to beauty guru Allan Mottus, M.A.C is a success story because its counter sales staff is good at making people care.

“Women do not become candy stripers or help out in hospitals or anything like that anymore. They have a luncheon,” explains Mottus, editor and publisher of U.S. cosmetics trade magazine The Informationist and mottusbeauty.com. Women are also buying Viva Glam from M.A.C’s makeup artists. “The M.A.C beauty advisors are really loyal to the concept. It’s part of their awareness within their own community, and they work really hard at it,” says Mottus. Hard enough to sell 7.1 million tubes of lipstick and lipgloss in 14 years, that’s for sure. (Each tube costs $17, so you do the math!) “It has become an institutionalized thing [M.A.C staff promoting Viva Glam] within their organization, and they’re doing a very good job.”

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Fragrances for Men: Smells Like the Truth

We're not sure what tonka bean smells like, so we're not sure if we want to smell like tonka bean.

So we tested four colognes with scents -- tobacco, cedar, pine and leather -- that we've actually heard of before.

Cedar: Pour Homme IIby Gucci

Like a stack of freshly chopped firewood sprinkled with cinnamon and baby powder.

Tobacco: Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Like a heap of freshly rolled cigars.

Pine: Privé Bois d'Encensby Armani

Like you spent the day hiking through a Christmas-tree farm.

Leather: Bel Ami by Hermès

Like sitting in your father's armchair in the middle of a field of cloves.

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Fashion Loves

Protect your face’s outer layer by keeping skin smooth and hydrated during the dry winter months.

Editor’s Tip: Cold, cloudy weather is no reason to skip the SPF–your skin is exposed to UV rays every day. Apply a layer of a rich moisturizer with SPF to the entire face and neck every morning before exposing yourself to the elements.

B. Kamins Chemist Therapeutic Diamond Radiance Cellular Matrix Fortifier SPF 15, $250. Visit bkamins.com.

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Fashion Loves

Take care of business in the boardroom with full, fierce brows.

Editor’s tip: To fill in sparse brows, dip the angled brush in wax and combine with the brow powder. Apply the mix by using quick, short strokes up and outwards. For those with fuller, unruly brows, use tweezers to clean up strays and use the wax alone to keep hairs in place.

New York Color Brush-On Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers, $5. Available at drugstores nationwide. Photography by Lindsay Murrell.

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Fashion Loves

Brow beautiful: Well-groomed eyebrows give an instant facelift, freshening a look and making you feel like frolicking in fall shorts.

Editor’s Tip: To achieve full face framing brows, employ an angled brow brush lightly covered with brow powder to sweep along the natural shape of the brow. Use a clear brow gel to tame unruly hairs for a picture-perfect look.

Bare Escentuals Essential Brow Kit, $40. Visit sephora.com.

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Sloughing: A Beginner's Guide

There are dead skin cells all over your body. Our grooming expert tells you how to get them off your hands, feet, body, and face.

The average man loses more than a billion dead skin cells per day, and while there's no biological imperative to scrub them off your body, there is an aesthetic one: They're dead, and when they combine with your natural oils, they lead to dull, waxy pallors and clogged pores. So unless you like the idea of having skin reminiscent of a motel bedspread, here are some products to consider.

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Fashion Loves

Wave appeal: Loosely layered and tousled locks make the perfect easy-rider pairing.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Starlit Waves, $10 at drugstores. Photography by Natalie Castellino.

Editor's Tip: Brown-haired gals can enhance their curl and colour with a healthy spritz of John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Starlit Waves.

Categories for this posting: Hair Care

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Editor's Picks: Metallic Eyes

Beauty director Laura Keogh's March picks.

Clockwise from left: The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 13 ($22, at the Body Shop)

Sephora Colorful Strass Mono Eyeshadow ($14, sephora.com) in “Strass No. 2”

M.A.C Eye Shadow ($16, at the Bay) in “Gorgeous Gold”

L’Oréal Paris Wear Infinité Rich Eye Shadow ($6, at drugstores) in “Pure Silver”

Shiseido The Makeup Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow ($28, at department stores) in "Goldlights"

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Think Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer awareness is always a cause that needs support, but October...

is designated Think Pink month to get even more people involved in the fight. Lots of companies are doing a great job spreading the word and even donating proceeds to fund cancer research during this time. So, even before October starts, we have a few charity products that we think are worth your while. Keep checking back throughout the month to see some of our favorite picks.

100% of proceeds made from Alex Woo’s beautiful Little Pink Heart necklace and Pink Ribbon ring will go to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund. $118 and $98, at alexwoo.com.

Red Envelope ’s Think Pink section will donate 10% of proceeds to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund. We love the orchid candle and tea ceremony box, $55 and $75, at redenvelope.com.

Spread awareness and send a greeting with Erin Condren personalized stationery. $20 from each sale will be donated to sponsoring women in the fundraisers such as the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer. $40, erincondren.com.

10% of proceeds from DuWop’s adorable Purse Your Lips set, which contains a wrislet purse and pink shimmer Lip Venom, will be given to CEW’s Cancer and Careers. $24, at amazon.com.

Get a breast cancer awareness dog tag or I.D. bracelet for yourself from Tanamo Studios and 25% of proceeds will be donated to a breast cancer organization of your choice. $70, tanamostudios.com.

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It's a Man's (Beauty) World

It used to be that men had a bar of soap and razor, and they were set. Or they stole all of your favorite products in secret (no, you really don't use that much shampoo.) But these days, men are stocking up on their own products, aimed just at the male market. Take Diddy, for example, who just ordered an entire case of SET hair styling lotion. (Is that case only for him or for his whole posse too?). Or check out Kiehl's new offerings, targeted at men (but already coveted by women on staff): Eye Alert, which reduces puffiness and dark circles, and Close Shavers, a non-greasy shave oil. And apparently, we're not the only women wondering if we could be borrowing all of these fancy men's products now-- Lindsay Lohan's favorite lip balm is from the men's line Jack Black. Does this mean we all have to share nicely now?

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When Guerlain met Pucci

With this makeup set, you’ll want to do your touch-ups in front of an audience.

Combine the decadence of the Parisians and the elegance of the Florentines, and the result is the Guerlain by Emilio Pucci collection, a limited-edition eight-piece set of classic Guerlain makeup re-imagined by the iconic fashion house.

The first collaboration between the brands, the product was two years in the making and challenged its creators to fuse the worlds of fashion and makeup. Inspired by a Pucci scarf, naturally, the collection’s packaging is adorned with signature swirls.

Pucci’s innovations continue inside the box. Case in point: the highlighting Météorites Pearls, first introduced in 1984, have been given a colourful makeover: They’re now coated in fresh shades of fuchsia, turquoise, apricot, gold, pink and white.

The range’s star product is the Eye Set, which includes two pencils, a lengthening mascara and a palette of shadows (rosy pink, aqua, white and Pucci lavender).

Completing the collection are a fluffy apricot blush mousse and four lip glosses, two sparkling and two with Pucci-esque swirled colours.
Don’t fret when the makeup inside is finished: Hang on to the Pucci-print pouch and use it as a chic clutch.

The Guerlain by Emilio Pucci collection (from $31 to $87) is available at select department stores and Guerlain stores across Canada .

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Hot Finds

Protective Lip Color

THE FIND MAC Tendertone lip balm with SPF 12
THE PRICE $14.50
BUY ONLINE maccosmetics.com
WHY YOU WANT IT The shiny lip color looks like a gloss when it's on but feels moisturizing like a balm. Available in nine sheer shades, this gem contains vitamin E and sunscreen, because lips are susceptible to sun damage too!

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Fashion Loves

Soften dramatic hits of colour with feminine hair that’s full of natural movement.

Editor’s Tip: A light styling cream gives hair texture and definition, with minimal effort. Squeeze a quarter-sized amount into hands (any more risks weighing down the hair), then rough dry with hands to enhance movement.

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Buff Styling Cream, $18. Visit schwarzkopf-professional.ca.

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Fashion Loves

With a soft wash of colour, roses look beautiful on the cheeks, too.

Editor’s Tip: For a natural hint of colour, smile and then apply blush to the apples of your cheeks with upward brush strokes.

The Body Shop Solar Duo Blush, $22, in “Radiant Pink.” Visit thebodyshop.ca.

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Summer Beauty Must-Haves

The latest products to keep your face looking fresh and clear all season long.

Moisturizing Lip Gloss

THE FIND Bourjois Eau De Gloss
THE PRICE $15 each
BUY ONLINE sephora.com

WHY YOU WANT IT Bourjois's water-based glosses give your lips tons of shine without the stickiness. They're citrus-flavored, come in eight colorful shades and are enhanced with menthol, so your lips will feel cool even when it's hot!

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Montreal Notes: The Address-Taster’s Choice

Scent yourself with delectable products from a new Montreal boutique.

Pure Biologique (342A Victoria Ave., Westmount, 514-504-8466), the new boutique from soap-maker extraordinaire Stella Mindorff, is chock full of drool-worthy scents. But while the handmade line of organic bath and body products might smell as if it’s good enough to eat, we suggest limiting yourself to just slathering it all over your skin.

Indulge your sweet tooth with a butter pecan bath bomb ($5), then relax in the glow of a vanilla-scented soy candle (from $6). Your inner bartender will appreciate the summer line of cocktail soaps (from $4). Whether it’s a bar of Minty Mojitos or a citrus slab of Fuzzy Navel, you can indulge in these moisturizing wonders well before the sun goes down.

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Fashion Loves

Nothing looks fresher for spring than a slick of vibrant pink lipstick.

Editor’s Tip: Ancient beauty wisdom suggests that you choose one feature to play up—either your lips or your eyes. Choose your lips this season, but don’t ignore the rest of your face. Apply a rosy blush, then use brown on your eyes—whether mascara or liner—for subtle glamour.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, $10, in “Love that Pink.” Visit revlon.com.Categories for this posting: Cosmetics

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More (Affordable) Spray Foundation

Not so fast, Dior! MAC has got a spray foundation that I swear by -- and it's only $28.50 (as opposed to Dior's $60 version)! I also hate the caked on feeling of most powder foundations, but what frustrates even more is being addicted to expensive beauty products! MAC Studio Mist Foundation, however, is a perfect beauty bag 'look for less' item. What I love most is the subtle hint of shimmer, giving my cocoa skin a little bronze highlight. And if you really want a steal or to test out the technology without breaking the bank (or a sweat), check out this Sally Hansen version for $8 at drugstore.com. -- Amy Keith

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Beauty Scoop: Face Odyssey

The future of foundation has landed, and—no surprise—it arrives courtesy of the Japanese. Inspired by the culture’s demand for precision, SK-II Air Touch Foundation ($195, at Holt Renfrew) is distributed through a sleek, robotic-looking dispenser in tiny, positively charged particles, which are attracted to the negative ions it disperses on the face.

Because the particles land next to—not on top of—each other, the result is an exact, flawless application. If the technology alone doesn’t convince you, consider that it was put through its paces on runways and on-set by international makeup guru Pat McGrath—and it got her unequivocal seal of approval.

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Hot Finds - April Beauty Finds

Break into spring with the latest goods for your hair, body, face and lips

Tasty Gloss

THE FIND Lorac Mocktail lip gloss
BUY ONLINE sephora.com
WHY YOU WANT IT Enjoy the taste of a fruity drink without the calories with Lorac’s tasty Mocktail lip glosses. Try flavors like Razberi Cosmo (deep rose), Tequila Sunrise (glimmering tangerine) and Guava Tiki (sheer peachy pink)—no ID required.

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Scoop: March 2007

From enlightened tweezers to ornamental palettes, what's happening this month in beauty.

Giorgio Armani Movie Lights Sheer Shimmer ($110, at select Holt Renfrew stores) because even if you’ll never have your own trailer, you’ll feel like a starlet when the lights around this compact illuminate your lovely self as you apply the gilded powder inside.

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Fragrance: Fall Fragrance Fix

Warm scents have arrived to ease the transition into chilly weather.

Jennifer Lopez glams it up once again for this bold and bright fruity-floral combination of pear, peach and freesia notes.

Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe, from $59. At drugstores across Canada.

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Fashion Loves

Not for the faint of heart, a splash of blue across your lids will create the shock value you’ve been looking for.

Editor’s Tip: Add this shade to either your beauty bag or your closet; both at once could create a little more of a blue mood than you bargained for.

M.A.C Eye Shadow, $16, in “Electric Eel.” At M.A.C across Canada.

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Scoop: Shopping for a Cause

Not only have all of our favourite products received a pink facelift for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a portion of the proceeds will go to a great cause.

Loyal fans such as J.Lo and Jennifer Aniston have deemed this luxe moisturizing cream to be a skin care miracle.
La Mer Crème de le Mer Moisturizing Cream, $270.

At Holt Renfrew across Canada.

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Hot Finds - Getting Gorgeous

Attending any awards-show viewing parties this season? Look as glamorous as the stars with these beauty treats.

Silky Smooth Legs

THE FIND Mini Shave Crave trio and Swarovski Crystal Body Brush by Whish Body
THE PRICE Shave trio, $32; brush, $170
BUY ONLINE whishbody.com shave trio; body brush

WHY YOU WANT IT Begin your pamper party with an indulgent shaving experience. Crystal-coated body brushes add girly glamour to an otherwise mundane activity; aromatic essential oils packed in the shave cream will keep legs soft and subtly scented throughout the night.

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Pro Tips: Sam McKnight’s Top 8 Hair Tips

The legendary stylist shares some words of wisdom.

1. Make the most of the selection on the shelves; ask your hairdresser for recommendations.

2. The best hairspray should come out in a fine mist. Spray it on your brush for even distribution through strands.

3. Hair today is all about individuality. It should always look as if you might have done it yourself.

4. Colour is the new style, especially now that you can change your colour more often without damage; you don’t have to bleach it to get it back.

5. When my baggage recently got lost, my improvised kit contained a Mason Pearson hairbrush, Pantene Pro-V Classic Hairspray and bobby pins. You can smooth hair down, or brush it out to make it big.

6. Volume now is natural and touchable. Wash less or try products like Psssssst… or Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder to pump up the roots.

7. Tap water can be very damaging to hair. The pH balance can be like perm solution. Showerhead water filters are amazing.

8. Ionic hair dryers and irons are fantastic. I prefer Ghd and Babyliss.

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Fashion Loves

Add drama to your ensemble and precision to your gaze with bold strokes of gel liner.

Editor’s Tip: Look for a quality gel liner that is smudge-proof and will stay in place throughout the day. Channel 1940s glamour vixens with a sultry winged eye: Pull the skin taut, then draw a straight line right against the lash line, making sure that the line is thicker at the outer edges.

M.A.C Fluidline Eye-liner Gel, $18, in “Nightfish.” Visit maccosmetics.com.

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Fashion Loves

Cocktail-hour chic
Forget the handbag; it’s what’s inside it that counts. Multi-tasking palettes have become the accessories du jour.

Editor’s Tip: Neutral shades of pink and brown, like these ones, work as both a face powder and an eyeshadow; use one shade or all four together.

Dior Detective Chic, $55, in “Beige Vibration.” At select department stores across Canada.
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What's Your Cold Weather Beauty Secret?

As the temperatures drop, our beauty maintenance goes up! Dry skin, static-y hair, chapped lips -- you name the cold weather problem, we get it! We rely on a battery of products, especially our hand creams from Lush and Caudalie to get us through the work day. And we've recently discovered Frederic Fekkai's Winter Hair line, that actually reduces the look of hat hair and tames static.

Tell us: What's your cold weather beauty secret? What's your must-have winter product?

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Hot Finds

Fun and fitting presents for everyone on your list

Sweets for Her

THE FIND Candy Cane suitcase gift set by Philosophy
BUY ONLINE www.sephora.com

WHY YOU WANT IT Scent your sweetest friend in head-to-toe holiday mint with this set of festive Candy Cane body products. A 3-in-1 shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath, a moisturizing soufflé and lip-shine pack, all in peppermint, will give her senses a refreshing lift.

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Hot Finds - Instant Rehab

Five tricks to help you appear rejuvenated after a festive—and maybe excessive—holiday season.

Beauty Boost

THE FIND Yves Saint Laurent Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation
BUY ONLINE www.nordstrom.com

WHY YOU WANT IT Don't leave the house without brushing on a few strokes of this flawless foundation. Your skin will be glowing in no time.

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Toronto Notes: Colour Deposits

The new mineral makeup—just in time for the vibrant shades of spring.

Mineral makeup may be sweeping the beauty nation, but most connoisseurs know that for all its benefits (it allows the skin to breathe, provides natural sun protection and is anti-inflammatory and free of talc and mineral oil), most of the lines have a limited colour range for lips, cheeks and eyes.

Teye Make Up breaks from convention by offering highly pigmented, dramatic shades, not to mention playful palettes such as a leopard-print bronzer, a striped blush and highlighting powder. According to Dan Thompson, creative director of Teye International, mineral makeup was originally created as a healthy alternative to conventional makeup, and there was little demand for high-fashion shades—hence the overall lack of selection.

“Since we’re subsidized by Oasis Spa, we have the luxury of producing what we want,” Thompson says. That means Teye can also offer a liquid foundation, another mineral product that’s difficult to find. “There’s a tendency to lose the sunscreen factor because the titanium dioxide becomes diluted.” Not to fear—because Teye’s is creamier, it boasts an SPF of 15.

At the Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa (The Distillery District, Building 36, 55 Mill St., 416-364-2626).

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Vancouver Beauty Reporter: Beauty in the Burbs

Desperate housewives beyond Vancouver’s city limits have two new places for primping and pampering this season. The new Moroccan-themed Casbah Day Spa (Peninsula Village, 15355 24th Ave., South Surrey, 604-542-4772, casbahdayspa.com) offers the exclusive Sami Zen treatment ($199), a blissful two hours of exfoliation, hydrotherapy, a hot-stone facial, and a massage with warm birch-bud oil, which the Samis consider sacred and use to cleanse the spirit. It’s a Girl Thing (Rosemary Centre, 15350 34th Ave., Suite 112, South Surrey, 604-542-4447, agirlthing.ca) is a glamour gal’s candy store, full of luscious, natural bath and beauty treats. Try Body & Soul’s 4-Play Lip Balm ($22), used on the set of Desperate Housewives and offered in shades of “Ahh…,” “Mmm…,” “Ohh…,” and “Yes!!”

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Fashion Loves

Sleeping beauty

Perfect for post-party R&R, the latest and greatest in wrinkle reducers mean before-bed application. The product works its magic overnight while skin is in repair mode—and you’re asleep.Editor’s Tip: Don’t apply any other products to your face at the same time. Concentrated formulas like this one work best alone.

Biotherm Anti-Rides Line Peel Essence, $59. At drugstores across Canada.

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Holiday Hair How-To

Complete your decked-out look for this season's soirées with a glamorous but simple star-inspired do.

How can I make my fine hair look thicker?

To create the illusion of fuller hair, stylist River Lloyd, of the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in N.Y.C., spritzes both Phytovolume Actif (far left, $22; shop.com) and Klorane dry shampoo (left, $15; metrobeauty.com) on damp roots before blow-drying with a round brush. "Volumizing spray lifts the roots, while dry shampoo makes hair appear thicker," he says. For a full-bodied look, avoid heavy products (such as gels and creams), because they can weigh down fine hairs and make them look stringy, says stylist Susanna Romano, co-owner of Salon AKS in N.Y.C. Instead she recommends using Phyto Pro Intense Volume Mousse 12 ($18; joybeauty.com) on the ends of hair for hold that doesn't sacrifice height.

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Fashion Loves

Coming up roses

Flower-embossed eyeshadows (in a handbag-shaped palette, no less) will keep her party perfect.

Editor’s Tip: Shades with sheen or glitter add holiday spice, while sheer beiges and pale pinks highlight eyes.

Anna Sui Luxury Eye Palette, $48, in “01.” At select Sears stores across Canada.

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Hot Finds

Party-Ready Beauty

You may be giddy with holiday excitement on the inside, but these great finds will have you glowing on the outside and prepared for all your holiday fetes.

Glossy Grouping

THE FIND Lip-gloss set by Tarte
THE PRICE $28/set of 6
BUY ONLINE www.sephora.com

WHY YOU WANT IT These shimmering glosses (neatly tucked into a festive gold compact) will keep your pucker looking pretty from your first mistletoe moment to your last New Year's kiss.

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