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Update Your Fall Wardrobe For Under $500

With economic concerns looming around every corner these days, it’s understandable that one of the last things on your mind this fall is your wardrobe and how to spiff it up with pricey designer pieces.

You still want to be on top of the trends, but you needn’t despair because it’s possible to update your fall wardrobe for under $500. We’ll show you how you can put together swish ensembles without having to max out your credit card.

Here’s how to can update your fall wardrobe for under $500.

Gap The Cord Blazer
With designers everywhere looking to the ‘70s for inspiration this season, corduroy is making a huge comeback. And while it makes a great stand in for jeans, corduroy is also a material that works equally well in coats and blazers. Thankfully, it’s usually sanely priced, making it one trend for fall that’s easy to get in on without wreaking havoc on your bank account. For a cool, collegiate American style, try this cord blazer from Gap to update your fall wardrobe for under $500. Made of high quality woven cotton, it will keep you feeling toasty on nippy days. It’s also surprisingly versatile, pairing well with jeans, cotton pants and even dress pants. Add some sneakers to dress this piece down or pair it with dress boots or shoes for a more polished look. Price: $88 at

Hugo Boss Orodos
Fusing the best of two worlds, these lace-up sneakers from Hugo Boss are stylish as well as functional, and they are a great way to update your fall wardrobe for under $500. With a vulcanized rubber sole, these shoes make it easy to navigate urban jungles. Style-wise, calfskin leather detailing give these shoes a lux edge that can take them from day to night, while the addition of a suede and sports fabric upper gives this footwear a cool, downtown vibe. You’ll wear them until they fall off your feet with everything from jeans to slim-cut dress pants, so at $125 these shoes are a great deal.
Price: $125 at

American Eagle Outfitters Low-Rise Boot Jean
Get that uber-cool, lived-in designer jeans look minus the designer price tag with these low-rise boot-cut jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. The deconstructed detailing gives these jeans a rugged feel, while the super dark rinse makes them classic enough to wear with everything from a crisp dress shirt and some sleek leather loafers to your favorite worn-out tee with sneakers.
Price: $49.50 at

Banana Republic Heritage Suede Military Cap
One of the quickest routes to updating your look for the new season is by purchasing a few trendy accessories. This cap from Banana Republic gives a nod the military theme that has been so popular with fashion houses as of late, but it comes in a deep chocolate hue that updates it for fall and makes it an absolute must-have. Remarkably easy to wear, use this suede headpiece to funk up a variety of fall ensembles. For example, try it with one of fall’s chunky knit sweaters or pair it with a lux cashmere scarf, a blazer and some sneakers for an effortlessly cool urban look.
Price: $69 at

Casual Friday Attire

Even in offices with the strictest of dress codes, the end of the week tends to be considerably more laid-back as everyone moves into weekend mode.

Casual Fridays, however, do not mean you get carte blanche to wear whatever you want, and it continues to be improper to show up to work in torn jeans and your favorite faded tee. After all, even though it’s Friday, you still want to project a professional image at the office. And because what’s deemed casual will vary according to your job and your position of authority, we’ve put together three different outfits to suit three types of guys: the finance guy, the creative dude and the 9-to-5ers.So read on to figure out where you fit in and how to do Casual Friday attire the stylish but still work-appropriate way.

The Finance Guy
You crunch numbers all day long and need to appear confident and organized, meaning you should dress to impress even on a Friday.

Theory Jace Humphry Pant
If you have to meet clients at a moment’s notice, you won’t be able to get away with wearing jeans as your Casual Friday attire. These dark gray, flat-front trousers from Theory have a clean, smart look that suggests you know how to take care of business.
Price: $225 at

Aldo ESBEN Loafer
When it comes to Casual Friday attire, sneakers are obviously a big no-no as you want to avoid any suggestion of sloppiness at all costs. These very affordable classic black leather loafers from Aldo are sleek without being trendy. Just remember to keep them polished and in good repair.
Price: $90 at

BlackBerry Pearl 8120
As a financial wizard, you probably rely on a few gadgets to help bring order to your chaotic schedule. The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 combines a phone with all the usual BlackBerry capabilities, but also features a digital camera, video recording and more to help you capture your fun moments when you finally clock out.
Price: Prices vary

2008 Fall Jackets

This fall, given the current economic climate, designers deviated from the over-the-top styles and dramatic flourishes of seasons past to concentrate instead on simplicity of design, clean lines and wearability for a modern approach to minimalism.

Belted jackets in classic shapes, double-breasted coats, durable corduroy, and traditional English patterns in muted colors experienced a resurgence in popularity as designers sent conservative cool looks down the runway.

Other options for 2008 fall jackets favored by the powers that be in fashion were influenced by old-school flight jackets and military apparel. Though the bad news may be that you don’t have a lot of extra cash to dedicate to your wardrobe these days, the good news is that most 2008 fall jackets won’t go out of style quickly, so read on to figure out what you should invest in this autumn.

Ben Sherman chalet tweed pea coat
Trend: Urban Aristocrat

Be a royal rebel in this English tweed, hunting-inspired pea coat from Ben Sherman. With its military detailing, tweed pattern and waist-length cut, this 2008 fall jacket combines three of the season’s most popular trends into one incredibly easy-to-wear style statement. Polished yet still casual, this coat can be paired with T-shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, and vests. And because it moves seamlessly from day to night, you can wear it as you would a blazer to mix things up in your wardrobe and keep others guessing about where you get your phenomenal sense of style. With its 60% wool composition and its covered zipper as well as snap front closure, you can also count on this piece to keep the chill out in style once the leaves start turning color.

Price: $279 at

Daniele Alessandrini wool trench coat
Trend: Double-breasted

Double-breasted toppers made a strong comeback on the runways from the 2008 fall jacket collections, with all manner of apparel including blazers, coats and even sweaters adopting elements of this chic style. However, because this style can be difficult for many body types to wear, try out this hot trend with a classic trench coat. This wool-blend, double-breasted model from Daniele Alessandrini is sharply cut for a modern look and its raven hue perfectly captures the dark and mysterious vibe of the season. While first glance at the price tag will make you shudder, this piece is worth digging into your savings account for because you can throw it on over absolutely anything to look uber cool in seconds flat. This fall is also all about investment pieces, and this trench is definitely one you’ll keep for a while.

Price: $795 at

Style Icon: Will Smith

Why He's A Style Icon

Although most well known as an actor and rapper as well as a film, television and music producer, Will Smith could easily add style guru to his impressive resume.

Whether he’s at a film premiere or just out and about with his family, the man always manages to look incredible. Indeed, it may be because his style is so effortless that he is one of Hollywood’s most stylish men. That, plus the fact that he seems to have understood the most fundamental style rule: Create a style that defines you. Even in his younger days as the Fresh Prince, Will Smith followed this principle, positioning himself as a funky, laid-back guy by donning a baseball cap sideways and mismatching graphic print shirts with multicolored neon shorts and jackets worn inside out. Once he grew up and moved away from these wacky stylings, the multitalented star adopted a more sophisticated and classy approach to dressing.

As the world’s biggest movie star, he plays the part, frequently suiting up for his premieres in sleek dark suits that show off his toned, lean body as well as adding a key piece or two of high-end jewelry. What keeps the star’s red-carpet look from getting boring, however, is that he’s not afraid to wear patterns and color. In his downtime, you’ll catch Will Smith sporting sunglasses, a variety of hats, leather jackets, fitted V-neck shirts and sweaters, and one of his favorite combinations -- jeans with a funky jacket or blazer.

Dressing The Smith Way

When he’s not wearing a designer suit to the opening of his latest blockbuster, you’ll often catch Will Smith pairing jeans with a light-colored blazer or jacket in hues ranging from white to tan to silvery gray. You, too, can up your style quotient just like this fashion icon simply by throwing a blazer or fitted jacket over the more casual pieces in your closet.

This slick Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer will help you emulate Will Smith’s elegant but relaxed look and will become your go-to piece when you need to be impeccable in seconds flat. Made from cotton sateen, this two-button piece has a side-vented back, two flap-besom pockets, a chest pocket, an interior pocket and four decorative buttons on each cuff. Its cut is classic with a modern fit, so try pairing it with anything you would usually wear with your standard black blazer as it will blend in well with your current wardrobe. Don’t stop there, though. Remember that Will Smith never shies away from wearing unexpected colors or patterns, and this opal-colored blazer that is not quite white and not quite gray provides a fantastic backdrop on which to experiment.

So, have some fun like this style icon and try an unusual tie or a pastel shirt. If pale shades are just not your thing, take another styling tip from Will Smith and try teaming a boldly striped blue dress shirt with your blazer and jeans for a cutting-edge look.

How To Buy Jeans Online

Jeans have come a long way from the days when you only cared about how well they would hold up as you ran through the neighborhood.

They have become a symbol of the modern man, the individual for whom corporate attire (i.e., suits) is a noose and a reminder of the freedom to be lost. With greater style options, such as cut and fit, come numerous decisions. All of which can be made from your computer with a credit a card and tape measure. Join us as we inform you on how to buy jeans online.

Check the return policy
The first step in how to buy jeans online is to carefully read the return and exchange policies on the dealers’ website. Some online retailers charge restocking fees if you return a product for a refund, but they often wave this fee if you make an exchange. You might also consider buying from a site that gives you at least 30 days to return an item. This is so that you can order multiple sizes and brands, pay one shipping fee and return those that you do not like. You might also think about using a website that offers free shipping. When you’re learning how to buy jeans online, your first consideration should be the red tape.

Know your cut and color
When you first set out to buy jeans online, don’t be fooled by the photos and the coolness you think you can achieve by simply wearing a new or different pair of jeans. Take a moment to think about where, when and in what context you’ll wear the jeans. They have to fit your lifestyle, career and existing wardrobe. If you’re in the market for an entirely new wardrobe, then all bets are off and you may shop at will. Most importantly, remember that the darker the jean the more formal they will appear. This is important because you will now have a piece of denim that will allow you to pair it with a blazer for work and evening events.

Check your size with different designers
How to buy jeans online with regard to fit varies little to buying jeans in a store: Individual jean manufacturers are so specialized in their styles and fits that you also need to think about which designers make jeans that fit your body type. Once you’ve found a favorite designer, stick with their line because a boot cut jean from Lucky will have the same basic fit measurements and manufacturing practices as a pair of their relaxed fit jeans.

First Date Fashion

Ah, the first date. It holds the promise of something new, something exciting and hopefully, an outstanding ending.

Of course, the first date also tends to come with a certain amount of anxiety because you want to impress her in every way possible while also genuinely enjoying yourself. Though marketing studies suggest that today’s men are perhaps more concerned with appearing well-suited than men were in the past, you’ve probably got a lot to consider when planning your date, and worrying over what to wear should be the last thing on your mind.

To help you get a handle on first-date dressing, we’ve outlined a few of the most common first-date situations and what you should wear in each one. Now you’ll never be over- or underdressed again. With the knowledge that you look smokin’ hot in your first-date fashion, you can relax a little and focus on letting your personality shine through.

Dinner date
On a first date, many people stick to the tried-and-true lunch or dinner meeting. The first impression you each create on one another will set the tone for the rest of the date, so it’s vital that you make a good one. Think carefully about the type of eatery you’ll be dining in. If you’ve made a reservation at an uber-chic restaurant, your first-date fashion will likely require a perfectly tailored, slim-fitting suit along with elegant dress shoes. On the other hand, if you show up looking like you’re red-carpet ready when you’re just grabbing a hot dog, it's more than a little inappropriate, and rather than enjoying her meal, she’ll think you’re totally out to lunch.

Although this comparison is a bit extreme, it’s true that many guys do overdress on a first date in an effort to impress their new flames. Realistically, you’ll probably be heading to a restaurant that’s a little more upscale than where you would normally go, but not the ritziest joint in town. The best first-date fashion to wear in this case is a pair of dress pants, like these ones from Zanella, that fit you well and conceal any figure flaws you may have.

On top, a dress shirt is timeless and classy, and most importantly, you’ll look refined but not like you tried too hard. One good pick is this white and grey pinstripe shirt from Prada that will look fabulous on all your first dates for years to come. As far as footwear is concerned, trade in your sneakers for some loafers. For an affordable but stylish-looking pair of basic black leather loafers, try Aldo. Do pay special attention to your shoes and give them a shining a day or so in advance because when people are nervous, they tend to look down, so she’ll probably notice if you’re wearing dirty shoes.

Movie theater
Another standard first date destination is the movies. If you’re in the habit of dressing sharply, then put some effort into choosing your outfit, although take care not to go overboard since it’s not like you have to compete with any of the sleekly dressed male characters in the film. On the other hand, guys who tend to favor casual jeans and sneakers should avoid sprucing up too much just to catch a flick. After all, if you wear more tailored clothing when your style is usually more loose and laid-back, you’re setting the standard for how your date will expect you to dress in the future. So unless you’re prepared to get dressed up every time you leave the house, don’t bother.

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Three Ways to Wear Denim

What to pair your jeans with when you’re dressed casually, when you’re dressed for work, or when you’re wearing leather. Because you can’t go out in just jeans.

1. With Casual Clothes
Since darker denim tends to look more formal, loosen up with a pair of lighter blue jeans. Add patterns and colors as needed and try keeping that shirt tucked in.

Two-button wool-and-silk jacket ($1,390) by Etro; cotton shirt ($590) by Kiton; jeans ($168) by Levi's Capital E; silk pocket square ($130) by Gucci; leather loafers ($1,500) by Berluti.

2. With Leather
Black leather looks best with darker jeans, brown leather complements lighter pairs, red leather looks good with nothing and should be avoided.

Leather jacket ($898) by Coach; cotton T-shirt ($95) by Vince; jeans ($98) by Hilfiger Denim; suede boots ($310) by Grenson.

3. With Work Clothes
Unless your job involves carrying heavy equipment for a band, keep your work jeans dark and simple. Indigo looks dressiest, especially when paired with black lace-ups and a navy-blue jacket.

Wool jacket (part of suit, $1,695) by John Varvatos; shirt ($165) by Dunhill; jeans ($386) by Gilded Age; pocket square ($60) by Robert Talbott; shoes ($225) by Cole Haan.

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Zip, Knit And Accessorise

Have you ever felt that your outfit is missing something?

The shirt and trousers work fine, but maybe something more is needed to really complete the look? Well, this is where extras such as belts, knitwear and cufflinks come in.This season there is an abundance of styles to choose from, and we thought you might need a bit of help teaming them up with looks in your wardrobe: in short it's time to zip, knit and accessorise.

For most of us, looking smart for work is essential and if this is the case the general rule is, match your belt with your shoes. Black shoes go with a black belt -- like the Black Alligator belt by Michael Teperson from Joseph (£345). Or you could try a belt with a bit of texture to brighten up a chic, loose tailored suit.

Once the preserve of grandads in rocking chairs, times have changed, and knitwear is now most certainly in. Cardigans, waistcoats, vests and jumpers are all must-have buys with little room for compromise. Greys, browns and blacks are good for the workplace and light knits in these colours can create office-wear with a modern twist. Try the Jacamo grey cardigan (£18), or the Fenchurch Cree knitted waistcoat (£30) over a white shirt for a professional finish.

If you want to inject some colour into your knitwear wardrobe, you’re in luck -- there are cardigans available in a range of fresh tones this summer for light conditions. Topman have a great selection of vibrant hues at great prices, so add a turquoise cardigan (£18) to your must have buys list and for a print effect, take a trip to John Smedley for a Ferring Cardigan (£135).

Designers pay particular attention to detail where knits are concerned as they have been delivered to fashionistas as the staple piece; be bold with a Peter Werth knit jumper (£34.99) and Diesel’s Kagiva (£75). All Saints' double layered grandad top (£80) and the Burton dip dye jumper (£20) are fun alternatives for layering to see you through your day.

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How To Buy Dress Shirts Online

We take it for granted that dress shirts are made to fit under other clothes, so we often buy them based on our jacket size or overcompensate on the sizing to avoid pinching collars and windmill arms.

You could spend hours selecting new dress shirts with the help of a tailor or you could select the perfect dress shirt from the comfort of your own home. With the number of online boutiques out there, you can find some spiffy dress shirts with designer labels for a decent price.

So, get out the measuring tape and learn how to buy dress shirts online.

Measuring yourself
When you want to buy dress shirts online, your first step is to measure your neck, arms and chest. Begin from the top down. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape used by tailors, simply use a length of string and then lay it out along a standard measuring tape.

When measuring your neck to buy dress shirts online remember that the front of the collar will slope downward and rest just below your Adam’s apple. You might also round up in your measurement just by one or two small ticks on the tape. If the collar is too tight you will never wear the shirt.

Next, to buy dress shirts online, measure your arms from the top outside edge of your shoulder down to the point where your wrist merges into the back of your hand. Now measure your other arm. Why is this important? Because as perfect as we all think we might be, the truth is there are slight differences between our arms, feet, fingers, etc. Therefore, measure both arms and go with the measurement of the longer arm. No one will notice that one sleeve looks slightly longer, but everyone will notice a shirt that is too short.

Finally, to properly buy dress shirts online, measure your chest. Shirt makers offer different cuts -- from traditional to slim -- so you need to know your actual chest size before you buy dress shirts online. Then there is the issue of going by your jacket size alone. This is OK sometimes, but if you buy the dress shirt, the jacket and the overcoat in the same size you might as well wear a tie with a potato sack because you won’t have any real shape or drape to your clothing.

To buy dress shirts online from boutiques with specific, can’t-go-wrong sizing charts, shop at Brooks Brothers or J. Press.

Dress shirt styles
You might have the sizing down pat, but since you can’t try on your purchase before you buy dress shirts online, we’ve compiled a guide of the different collars, fabrics and cuffs you’ll come across in your shopping endeavor. Keep our tips and recommended retailers in mind, and make your dress shirt-shopping experience a positive one.

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The Best Four Suits for Under $2,000

We've got four fine suits of four different styles, all for under $2,000.

The Peak-Lapel Suit

Why it's the best: Details like the pinstripes and the extra ticket pocket look dressy but not stodgy.

Two-button wool-and-mohair suit ($1,450) by Paul Smith; cotton shirt ($145) by Gant; silk tie ($195) by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture; leather shoes ($550) by Harrys of London.

The Three-Piece Suit

Why it's the best: The vest pulls the whole look together and proves that a three-piece doesn't have to say "old man."

Three-button three-piece wool-and-gabardine suit ($1,595) and cotton shirt ($125), Polo by Ralph Lauren; silk tie ($95) by Jack Spade; leather shoes ($568) by Brooks Brothers.

The Dark-Gray Suit

Why it's the best: The fabric's subtle herringbone weave suggests texture and hidden depth.

Two-button wool suit ($1,795) and cotton shirt ($260) by Canali; silk tie ($73) by J. Press; leather shoes ($300) by Donald J Pliner.

The Khaki Suit

Why it's the best: The superfine lightweight cotton and lighter shade of khaki are complemented by the more formal cut.

Three-button cotton-and-silk suit ($1,195) by Z Zegna; cotton shirt ($195) by Rufus; linen pocket square ($39) by
J. Press; leather shoes ($315) by Grenson; leather briefcase ($475) by Dooney & Bourke.

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The World's Best $500 Suit

$500 is the cusp between bad suits and good suits. If you're in the market for the latter, try this Brooks Brothers wool one.

Two-button wool suit ($498) by Brooks Brothers. Fabrics from Circle Visual, New York City.

Five hundred dollars may or may not seem like a lot of money. For a pair of hand-rubbed shoes, it's a bargain; for a pair of sunglasses, it's highway robbery. With a suit, $500 is either a high price for a bad one or a low price for a good one, and the trick is being able to tell the difference. When you pinch the fabric, does it bounce back without wrinkling? That's good material. Does the jacket sit naturally on the shoulders and chest without making you look like a 1980s comedienne? That's good structure. This blue two-piece from Brooks Brothers rings up at just under $500 and occupies that sweet spot between craftsmanship and affordability better than any other new suit we've seen this season. Sure, there are suits for every budget but at $500, this is a suit for every man.

How to top off this suit without breaking the bank

Cotton shirt ($45) and silk tie ($35) by Perry Ellis.
Rhodium-plated-and-woven-silk cuff links ($40) by Thomas Pink.
Silk pocket square ($70) by Ermenegildo Zegna.
Leather belt ($88) by Brooks Brothers.

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Contrast-Collar Shirts

Originally known as key pieces in the fashion portfolios of '80s corporate moguls, contrast-collar shirts have been revived.

This two-decade old look is on the rise, but the approach to wearing contrast-collar shirts this time around is a tad different. Rather than demanding a spot under an uptight, no-nonsense business suit, contrast-collar shirts are now angling for a more laid-back demeanor.
Now less rigid and more relaxed, contrast-collar shirts are bringing a formidably informal look to any guy’s casual collection. They’re savvy and sophisticated options, especially when paired with the right complementary piece.

Here are a few casual ways contrast-collar shirts can spiff up your look.

With a blazer
Although the contrast-collar shirt still maintains a semblance of its former self, retaining some decorum of up-tempo elegance, it can be a sharp selection with a blazer -- sans tie -- making it well-suited for less formal business occasions. Try pairing a blue striped contrast-collar shirt with a navy blazer and watch the intriguing interplay between the two. Not only will the blue hues of the shirt and the jacket harmonize with one another, but the white accents of the collar and the stripes will add some unexpected texture and pop to the traditional shirt-and-blazer routine.

With a cardigan
The contrast-collar shirt is reminiscent of ‘80s style and class; the stark distinction between the collar and shirt evokes status, and it’s still present in today’s version. So play up the “Greed Decade” charm by pairing a contrast-collar shirt with another item that also enjoys a nostalgic, defined-by-the-‘80s allure, like a cardigan. Using a cardigan as a less formal counter to the uptight reputation of the shirt allows you to pull off an intricately and surprisingly stylish look. It’ll be like decades’ nirvana with the shirt’s corporate savvy and the sweater’s preppy appeal.

With denim
Our more casual lifestyle has finally caught up to the contrast-collar shirt, and thanks to its reinvention, this shirt now leans more toward a night on the town than a day at the office. That being said, its relaxed transition makes it a stellar option for a pair of jeans. Choosing a contrast-collar shirt, especially one of a darker color like black, as your going-out option with dark rinse jeans will be a wise decision -- all the typical solid button-ups in the bar will pale in comparison. The dramatic touch of the collar will be attention-grabbing not only for the outfit, but for you as well.

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How To: Buy A Fitted Suit

The “less is more” philosophy has finally permeated men’s fashion. Today’s most fashion-savvy gents are showing more cuff at the sleeve and more ankle with the pant; they call it the fitted suit. It’s a sleek, streamlined ensemble with two unique details: 1) a slimmer fit, especially in the shoulders; and 2) shorter hemlines (as mentioned above).

Wear lightweight fabrics
A man with a fuller frame, be it from added time at the gym or the buffet, should find a fitted suit that’s slenderizing. Thankfully, given that it’s a slimmer cut, you’re automatically behind the eight ball. From the get-go, only focus on models made from lightweight fabrics; suits built from bulkier textiles will only add weight, compounding the problem. Let soft, worsted wools be your guide.

Use dark colors
While light colors make the body seem fuller, dark colors have the opposite effect. As these darker colors are slimming, they will do wonders to lighten the appearance of your frame, making you seem lighter on your feet. As for specific colors, choices like black and dark navy are as complementary as they are classy.

Make it solids or vertical stripes
For guys with extra meat on their bones, solids work best to create a sleek, slender visual. While loud patterns will definitely work against you, there are still options for finding a suit with added detailing. Since vertical stripes elongate the frame, they are both appropriate and chic. Big guys can also choose tiny, innocuous patterns for a bolder look, but only if they proceed with caution.

Take two on the jacket
Added cushion on the torso can mean a disproportionate look in the jacket. To ensure the best-looking fit in the coat, remember that two buttons are optimal. The two-button jacket is now the norm and designed to work for all body types. As an industry standard, it won’t draw attention to your bulky frame, like the modish impact of a one-button jacket or the slimming effect of a three-button piece.

Stay single on the vent
While it’s doubles on the buttons, bulky guys must keep the inverse in mind on the vent; specifically, avoid double-vented jackets. Vents, which are the slits at the back of the jacket, allow more movement. They also attract the eye, so huskier guys may not want to accentuate their backside. Instead, go for a single-vent jacket, which will give you the extra room you need minus the extra attention.

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Why Does This Shoe Cost $900?

These J.M. Weston shoes cost nearly a grand. We break down the five details that make for such expensive kicks.

The shape: The eight-week process of hand-crafting a pair of J.M. Weston shoes begins with the last-maker. This guy -- and it's almost always a guy -- has trained for decades and can optimize the balance between form and fit.

The leather: Cheaper shoes are made from scuffed-up hides that have been treated, but Weston uses only unmarked, untreated leather. The shoes are softer and more supple because of it.

The stitching: Craftsmen stitch together the shoe's various pieces using both machine and hand sewing, resulting in a construction that lasts longer than anything mass-produced.

The lining: Inexpensive shoes don't have linings; the best ones, like these, have soft calfskin that's gentle on your foot.

The heel: This beveled heel contains thick layers of leather that form a supportive base for the foot.

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Versatile Pieces You Can't Live Without

Some guys live to shop, while some guys would rather die than set foot in the shops.

If you fall into the latter category, you might be the kind of guy who will do anything to avoid visiting a mall, let alone an upscale boutique. Or, maybe you’re so busy with work or school that you don’t actually have the time to dedicate to zeroing in on all the latest trends. Another type of guy who doesn’t do much shopping is one on a limited budget since it’s obviously more important to eat than to build an expansive wardrobe.

Navy suit
The most versatile suit you can own is a navy-colored one. It’s equally appropriate for daytime activities or evening ones, and you’ll have no problem pairing it with bright clothing or accessories like a tie. Known for his ability to make gorgeous suits that are both classic and modern, British designer Paul Smith is the man to turn to when you’re searching for a contemporary suit for all occasions. Made from finely woven wool, this suit is slimming and flattering on practically every body shape. The two-button blazer is also a classic, meaning that it will be easy to wear with jeans or other items in your wardrobe. For important meetings, job interviews or non-formal evening soirees, make this suit your go-to ensemble. During the day, in chillier seasons like fall, winter or early spring, try layering this blazer over Gap’s red cashmere V-neck sweater and slip on a pair of jeans for a casual, yet pulled together, look.

White dress shirt
A white dress shirt is a must for any closet. Everyone looks good in one, and it’s a classic that pairs with practically anything. In fact, if you can afford it, buy three when you find one that looks good on you -- that way you’ll always have a clean one and you can cut down on the time you’ll have to spend shopping now and in the future. This fitted, 100% cotton option from Banana Republic is machine washable and has a textured stripe that distinguishes it from all the plain white dress shirts out there, and gives it a modern edge. Pair it with jeans for a crisp and clean all-American look that works day and night. At the office, layer this shirt underneath a brightly colored sweater and team it with some dress pants or jeans, depending on the dress code. For a smart, casual occasion, add either your navy or gray blazer, and for an occasion that requires something dressier, wear this piece with a navy suit and have fun playing around with the color of your tie.

Polo shirt
Not every day requires you to be dressed to the nines, so for those times when the look you’re going for is decidedly casual opt for a cotton polo. Don’t think you have to get all fancy and shell out the money for a designer shirt because an inexpensive one will work just fine. This 100% cotton blue and brown, horizontally striped polo from Old Navy is a great example of how you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to be well-dressed. On weekends and in the summertime, this shirt looks amazing simply paired with some blue jeans. When you need to take things up a notch, throw on a separate like French Connection’s gray blazer to create an ensemble that exudes effortless cool.

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The Semiotics of Khaki Pants

Relaxed fit: With noticeably wider legs and no sign of a crease, relaxed-fit pants look loose and athletic and may even have some fraying at the cuffs.

Cotton trousers ($49) by Tommy Hilfiger; canvas shoes ($45) by Sperry Top-Sider. Found on the likes of: George Clooney

Pleats: You know the drill: Flat fronts are considered more modern, but pleats provide room to maneuver without ripping your pants. Options go from slight folds to voluminous double pleats, and for our money, the subtler the better.

Cuffs: They range from a slight inch-and-a-quarter turnup to a two-inch-thick band, and they’re best for men with long legs.

Cotton-twill trousers ($128) and leather loafers ($188) by Brooks Brothers. Found on the likes of: George H.W. Bush

Tab closure: Found on most formal trousers, a tab closure gives your waistline a clean, unobstructed look by drawing attention away from the buttons.

Creases: It’s just another way of saying your khaki pants have been ironed. It also implies that you iron your socks.

Cotton trousers ($70) by Dockers; suede shoes ($130) by Johnston & Murphy. Found on the likes of: George Stephanopoulos

Crumple: Some light wrinkling and a slouchy construct typify the most casual breed of khakis. Wash them only when absolutely necessary.

Cotton trousers ($228) by Gilded Age; sneakers ($82) by Fred Perry. Found on the likes of: George Michael

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Must-Own Dress Shirt Colors

Move away from the white shirt and add a blast of color to your wardrobe by incorporating these fine colors to your sartorial repertoire.

If you know your AskMen.Com Style Bible, you already know the various shirt styles every man should own. So let’s go a bit further and breakdown the must-own dress shirt colors for this year. Keep in mind, however, that adding color does not, under any circumstances, allow a man to ever wear a pink shirt. The pink dress shirt has had its time and there shall not be a 16th minute of fame for this silly-looking color on a man.

Classic blue
The classic blue dress shirt allows flexibility without the drollness of the white shirt. Best of all, the classic blue bridges the gap between formal and informal simply in the way you wear it. Pair it with a red tie and you’re ready for a political office. A dark gray or black tie lends formality and strength to your look. Go blue on blue with a sharp blue suit and tie for a continental look or leave it unbuttoned, sans tie, for a casually modern appearance. In short, this is the shirt you should always pack when heading out of town.

This sombre color outdoes classic blue in seriousness because it tones down any suit or sport coat it's paired with. If you thought a black three-button suit looked sharp with the classic blue, you haven’t truly entered a room until you wear this gray number from Ted Baker. The gunmetal black buttons also allow you to wear it with a neatly pressed pair of black trousers and modern lace-up Oxfords for a touch of casual elegance.

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Suits Under $500

You probably don’t wear a suit every day, so why drop more cash on one than you need to? Advancements in mechanized weaving allow designers to offer affordable wool suits under $500 without sacrificing quality or style. Sure, buying off-the-rack can be frustrating, but a good tailor can modify any garment to fit your frame at a fraction of the price you would pay at a bespoke haberdashery. And if you do need a suit every day of the workweek, consider stocking up on the following suits under $500 and finding a tailor who knows a thing or two about suits besides fixing buttons.

Ralph Lauren Cost: $495

A wool two-button suit in charcoal is the very definition of classic gentlemanly style, and this number by Ralph Lauren delivers with a slightly wider notch lapel. Choosing this style in charcoal allows you to wear this suit all year round with the ability to dress it up with a white shirt and a solid blue or purple tie. You could also try it with a dark blue shirt and matching tie for a modern look, or dress it down with a black turtleneck in colder weather.

Calvin Klein Cost: $495

Staying true to the modern aesthetic of clean lines and slim lapels with three buttons, this Calvin Klein navy wool suit under $500 keeps your color options open by allowing you to pair it with a variety of shirts and ties. Don’t forget, however, that while a tie is always in style, this suit allows you to wear a simple white shirt with an open collar. Most importantly, never fasten all three buttons. If you’re with a conservative crowd or at the workplace you should fasten the top two buttons, but if you want to show off your modern flare, fasten only the middle one -- this shows off your tie and adds a casual touch to the suit.

Kenneth Cole Cost: $495

No one does an affordable black suit better than Kenneth Cole. His design is as modern as it is classic, and it can be seen on the most savvy international business travelers. Many designers offer similar suits at outrageous prices, but only Kenneth Cole gives you this much style cache in a suit under $500. Sure, you could pair it with the ubiquitous French blue shirt and blue silk tie or you could raise the stakes by wearing a black polka-dot tie with a white cutaway collared shirt. And don’t be afraid to take the modern look even further by skipping the cuffs on the trouser legs and having them hemmed with a very slight break over the shoe.

Guy's Gift Guide

There are few hard-and-fast rules in fashion, but there is one mandate your editors firmly believe: It is always stylish to give marvelous gifts.

Showing up with the primo present is a good look on everyone, and we want you, dear readers, to look your best. That said, today we’re happy to present the final installment of our annual gift guide featuring a few of our favorite things for the fellows.

The Dude
As most fellows love the gangsters as much as dogs dig playing fetch, there is no doubt this book will captivate The Dude. It’s a memoir by Nicky Barnes, who, along with Frank Lucas (the recent American Gangster was based on Lucas’s life), ran the heroin game in New York in the 1970’s. Barnes’ true-life tail details his drug kingpin heyday, big bust and subsequent jail time, and how he ended up a free man—it’s a must-read!

New Dad
1. Storksak Jamie Bag in Espresso ($198) One of the many things the New Dad must get used to is an increased amount of personal paraphernalia—babies require lots of gear! Storksak has a wonderful all-purpose tote that’s ideal for lugging the little one’s stuff. The leather bag has two insulated side pockets for the baby’s bottles (or yours), lots of inside pockets, a changing mat, and can hold a laptop. Best of all, it’s attractive and streamlined!

The Dandy
1. The Antique Jewel Box Typewriter Key Cufflinks ($75 each/$150 a set) Before you roll your eyes and moan, “Cufflinks are so boring,” you need to see these. They’re made from vintage keys scored from 1920’s typewriters (all letters are available) and we think they’re dapper enough for even the most discerning Dandy.

Every Guy
1. The Playboy Complete Centerfolds Collection ($500) Surely the men you know read Playboy “for the articles,” but on the off chance they’ve glanced at the magazine’s non-textual items and, you know, didn’t mind the gorgeous photographs, this collector’s edition book might be just the perfect present. The limited-edition tome is a complete retrospective of centerfolds (from every single issue of Playboy) and contains over 600 bunnies for Every Guy’s perusal. Besides, what else says, “Season’s Greetings,” like nudity?

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Trends To Avoid In 2008 - Part I

You know the feeling. You see it on the street once and think it’s a strange fashion choice, and then you see it again.

And again. Suddenly, you realize it’s the latest fashion trend and everyone’s wearing it. And you start to wonder where you can buy it, and soon you desperately want to jump on this fashion trend bandwagon.

Rationally, you’re aware that this fashion trend might not be right for you, but you can’t stop yourself from secretly coveting it. But wait -- before you spend your hard-earned dollars on the next fashion trend of 2008, take a deep breath and read this article.

One of the cardinal rules of fashion is that if it doesn’t suit your body type, steer clear of it. To ensure that you only buy pieces that are right for you, we’re providing you with a list of fashion trends to avoid in 2008 -- unless you want to turn into a fashion victim. Spotted on major runways and in some of the world’s more fashion-forward cities this year, these atrocious garments will soon be coming to a store near you, so you’ll need to know what they are in order to make sure they don’t end up in your closet. Keep reading to figure out which fashion trends to avoid in 2008 and to make sure that you’re wearing your clothes instead of letting them wear you.

The New Breed of Bespoke Suit

Custom-made clothing isn't just for freaks of nature any more.

New made-to-order programs can make even the most ordinary man look good.
True story: A millionaire, a dwarf, and a giant redwood of a man walk into a tailor's shop looking for custom-made clothing. Tailor looks at the three of them and says, "What is this, some kind of joke?" Dwarf says, "What is this, some kind of bar?" Okay, so it might not be true, but the point is this: Until recently, the very rich and the oddly shaped were the only men associated with custom tailoring. In recent years, mass retailers like Brooks Brothers and higher-end labels like Giorgio Armani and Hermès have initiated or expanded their made-to-measure and bespoke programs to target customers who've traditionally stuck with off-the-rack. That way, a man with a taste for, say, Etro suits can get the style he's accustomed to but with a (much) better fit and total control over the details. The results, like this Etro two-piece, will fit better, last longer, and make any man -- tall, short, or anywhere in between -- look amazing.
Bespoke two-piece suit (from $3,500), shirt ($320), and tie ($125) by Etro.

Common Male Fashion Mistakes - Part I

While women make just as many questionable style choices...

tight jeans with muffin tops, anyone?) as men, there’s not as much help out there for guys who are innocently undermining their look. Although many fashion slips apply equally to both sexes, there are several that are very male-specific. Since it’s true that people’s first impression of us is often based on appearance, we decided to spend some time browsing workplaces, stores, cafes, and bars to uncover the most common fashion mistakes men make and let you in on how to avoid them and improve your personal presentation.

Read on to make sure you’re not committing any of these fashion crimes and find out how to correct your fashion faux pas if you recognize yourself in any one of these blunders.

Designer Brand Crash Course

You hear the names, see the ads and perhaps even own a few pieces of...

their lines, but do you really know how Kenneth Cole got his start or the role Ralph Lauren played in the fashion void of the 1970s? Perhaps you think Hugo Boss is just a line of fragrances in the duty free shop at Heathrow or that Burberry is just the name of the bag Paris Hilton totes her dog in.

Ralph Lauren
It’s Lor-en, not La-ren, and in many fashion circles you reveal your ignorance by mispronouncing his name. As a culture we owe much to Ralph Lauren for defining American style. We also have him to blame for the wide-tie craze in the early 1970s, which is now beginning to resurface. But he can be forgiven for this because he continually reinvents classic American fashion within his empire.When his preppy-inspired suits became too commonplace in the late 1980s he brought out the Purple Label by Ralph Lauren for the 1990s, which fused the best of Savile Row with American sensibility. When the Purple Label became too prolific the Black Label was born, adding a dash of mystery and jet-set cocktail style with supple black leathers and evening wear. If you’re not sure where you fit in with big-name designers, you can’t go wrong with Ralph. His line is so exhaustive and full of colors for various skin tones and body types that any man can walk into one of his stores and walk out with a new wardrobe from head to toe.

Kenneth Cole
You know the name, but do you know he learned the craft of shoemaking with his own hands in Europe before coming home to change the shoe market? Today, Kenneth Cole is still about the shoes, but his leather jackets and accessories -- such as briefcases and watches -- are unbeatable for value, longevity and pure style. If you travel often for work or play, this is the line for you; a Kenneth Cole ensemble looks just as good in Milan as it does in L.A. or Sao Paolo. The cut of the clothes are for the fit and active man on the go, so be sure to visit one of his stores to try on everything.

Giorgio Armani
Forget about the price tags; Armani style is about cut, drape and fabric. The clothing moves with your body and not against it -- as the garments of so many of his imitators often do. He is so well-known today that the name has become code for "money." But the truth is that Armani would prefer you just wore his clothes in your everyday down-to-earth life, which is why he uses muted tones of blue, gray and black in each collection. The clothes are crafted with luxurious Italian simplicity, and once you learn the touch and feel of Armani you can see it coming a mile away.

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How Your Fingernails Should Look

This ain't about a manicure. Or nail polish.

It's about when to trim your nails, how your cuticles should look, and one hell of a good-lookin' handshake.

a.) Moisturize. We know, we know, it's a little girlie, but applying lotion can help prevent cracked and painful skin. Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers, a New York City spa, recommends daily application. If you insist on keeping some at work, keep it in a drawer and apply discreetly.

b.) Smooth the edges. Nail files are just as important as they are embarrassing, but having your nails fully rounded will keep you from picking at them. Don't try to use the little file on your clippers -- get a real one. (See "How Your Fingernails Should Look: The Gear" for more information.)

c.) Don't cut your cuticle, that thin layer of skin that grows over the base of each nail. It's not sanitary, and it's not safe. Push it back after you shower, when your skin is softest.

d.) Leave a little bit of white at the tips of your nails. Cutting too close to the nail bed can cause infections and frustration when you find a spare penny. According to the guys at Truman's, it's time to trim when you touch the end of your finger and can feel your nail.

e.) No buffing, not ever. A slight natural shine looks presentable, but more than that and you'll have a hard time convincing someone that you're not wearing polish.

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Redo Your Bedroom For Under $500

Whether you’ve just moved in to a new place or you’re bored with your current digs, you probably don’t have a lot of spare cash to throw away on decorating

-- but, you don’t want to live in a hovel. You know that a bedroom that’s pleasing to the senses is one that girls will want to hang out in. Well, you’ll be happy to know that it is indeed possible to redo your den without breaking the bank. In fact, you can completely make over your bedroom for just $500.The first thing to do is decide on a theme for the room -- preferably something quite minimalist since fuss-free pieces with clean lines will give your room a cool and polished look while letting you get away with buying less furniture. Curious about what your room could actually look like? Keep reading to learn about the seven smart buys that will get you to new bedroom heaven.

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Clothes Big Boys Don’t Wear

Sit outdoors at a café or have a drink at a bar with a view of passersby and you’ll quickly notice something strange -- grown-ups in children’s clothing.

While women are guilty of this sin too (pigtails anyone?), men tend to be particularly prone to wearing clothes they should have thrown out a decade ago. Most men don’t live to shop, so it’s natural to not feel like your wardrobe needs to be revamped every season. However, every so often, it’s necessary to take a cold hard look at the garments in your closet and determine what’s out of style, and more importantly, what you’ve matured out of wearing.

Oversized clothing
One of the greatest crimes committed against fashion by men is wearing oversized clothes. While big and baggy might have been a cool look in high school, if you’ve reached the legal drinking age, it’s no longer hip. Though some of the stars who helped popularize this look, such as Jay-Z, continue to occasionally sport baggier jeans and shirts, they compensate by accessorizing their look with a Ferrari. So unless you plan to turn up in front of Madison Square Garden in a Maserati, it’s time to shift your style mentor from Coolio to Kanye West.

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Winter Clothes To Buy Now

Assembling an all-star wardrobe may not be as impossible as you think. Not if you take your lead from pro-sports and pick your major-label purchases in the off-season. Today’s top labels, like minor brands, can also be found at affordable prices on sale racks. Since all retailers operate on seasonal cycles, they offer awesome deals on great labels as their clothes go out of season. Shopping during the off-season allows you to buy high-end designer names at a fraction of the original cost. The trick, however, is weeding through the trendy garments of the passing season and pulling out those timeless pieces that will be stylish for seasons to come. To illustrate the point, here are a few picks of high-end winter clothes that you should buy now and wear later.

Calvin Klein wool suit
A handsome suit from one of today’s leading designers, Calvin Klein’s three-button black wool suit is the perfect addition to any guy’s repertoire of winter suits. Much like the name it carries, this suit epitomizes the best in today’s fashion with its sleek, modern cut. You’re sure to be an inspiration around the office in this high-profile suit, especially if word gets around how little you paid for it. Since the wool fabric restricts it to cold-weather usage, this suit is currently available for over $100 off the sticker price. Picking up this fine suit will show your friends you know not only how to dress, but also how to shop.

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How To Care For Ties

Caring for a tie isn’t as simple as you may think. A tie requires much more than being clumsily stuffed in a drawer when it’s not being worn. It also requires care when being taken off. For example, when removing your tie, don't pull the thin end through the knot unless you want to ruin the tie’s shape. Instead, remove the tie by following the tie-tying steps in reverse. And this tip is just the beginning…

To preserve this delicate component of your wardrobe, follow these easy tips so that your favorite ties hang with you for years to come.

Even more important than the way you wear your tie is the way you store it. The first step in maintaining your tie collection is putting it away properly. Regardless of the type of fabric -- silk or wool -- ties are delicate and impressionable. As soon as your tie comes off, hang it around a coat hanger or over the dowel in your closet; don’t lay it down on the dresser or throw it over a chair. Hanging the tie up properly allows the creases from the knot to fall out; plus, hanging it in your closet keeps it out of bright, natural light that can fade the fabric.

Most department stores sell inexpensive hangers just for ties, paying you big dividends on a small investment. And for the guy on the go, transport your tie in your luggage by folding it into fours and placing it inside your coat pocket, shoe or sock. For the more meticulous packer, specialty tie cases exist that are designed to hold your tie flat and secure.

Wrinkles are a universal sign of aging, and ties are no exception to this fact. The more often a tie gets tied, the more knot impressions it sustains and absorbs, so you must do all you can to protect your ties from excessive wrinkles. The first step in preventing wrinkles is to never wear the same tie two days in a row; like a good pair of shoes, a tie needs time to regain its shape. But, regardless of your best efforts, your ties are probably going to wrinkle. The key is knowing how to get the wrinkles out.

While storing your ties properly is your first line of defense, it may not be enough. As a backup, turn to steam. The easiest trick is to hang your tie inside the bathroom while you shower. Or, for tougher wrinkles, use a handheld steamer to remove deep-set, pesky creases. Conair makes several inexpensive models, many of which are sized for travel. Carrying a handheld steamer while traveling is great not only for ties, but also for shirts, pants and suits.

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Suit Fabric & Thread Count

Picking the right suit depends on more than just finding a good style; you have to pick one in a suitable fabric. Depending on the season, the appropriate suit fabric will differ -- although there are yearly staples, like wool, that will accommodate your style needs all year long.

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about suits so that you can pick out the perfect one for yourself.

Most modern suits are made of wool. It’s the most versatile fabric, the best in comfort, wrinkle-resistant, and has greater longevity than most. Another characteristic that makes wool an ideal suit fabric is its ability to absorb moisture, so even when you’re forced to sport a suit on the hottest of days, it’ll keep you cool. The most common types of wool suits are merino, cashmere and angora. Best season: All year long

Flannel isn’t quite as popular as it used to be because it’s a heavy fabric that doesn’t breathe much, which means that you’ll be toasty warm in any climate. Its wear has also declined because the fabric begins to peel over time. Best season: Winter

Cotton is a durable fabric found in most American suits; it doesn’t quite fit Europeans’ fancy. Like wool, cotton can absorb sweat and keep you cool throughout most months. As a huge bonus, the fabric is quite practical and easy to maintain since it’s machine-washable. Best season: Spring, summer, fall

Linen may look cool while on a tropical vacation, but it has many drawbacks that don’t necessarily fit into the modern man’s day-to-day life. A linen suit is lightweight and will keep you very cool in the warmer months, but its downfall is that it creases very easily. Best season: Summer

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Jackets vs. Blazers

While the blazer has its roots firmly planted in sport jacket history, subtle style differences make the two wardrobe pieces very distinct from one another. The difference between them is often misunderstood and their distinct boundaries are often muddled simply because neither a jacket nor a blazer has a matching pair of pants. Despite this similarity, however, there do exist major differences; mainly, a sport jacket is textured and oftentimes patterned, whereas a blazer is a solid color (usually navy or black), made of smooth fabric and is traditionally seen with naval-style brass buttons.
To avoid confusing the two styles any further, learn more about the differences between a jacket and a blazer; this way, you’ll avert any unbecoming fashion blunders, like showing up to your formal business meeting in a heavily patterned sport jacket and flannel trousers.

Sport jacket
The sport jacket derives from the experimentation with sports clothes in the mid-nineteenth century. By the early twentieth century, men were seeking comfort and high fashion in their clothing, and turned to the ever-evolving sport jacket as a fashion-forward, casual answer to laidback social functions -- meaning, an afternoon at a stuffy gentleman’s club or while sitting on the sidelines of a tennis match.

Today’s sport jacket, however, has a very different meaning as it can also be dressed down with a pair of jeans or chinos for more casual functions.

Odd jacket
Named after its lack of matching trousers, the odd jacket was known mostly as sporting-event and clubhouse attire. The odd jacket is also known for incorporating distinctive detailing like pleats, stitched belts and offbeat pockets into the ever-evolving design. The blazer is often described as a derivative of the odd jacket, although it incorporates enough differences to belong in a category all its own.

Patterned sport jacket
The patterned sport jacket appeared after World War II to accommodate the business-casual lifestyle that men began leading. Incorporating bold patterns like Shetland stripes (seen on Ivy League campuses) and madras plaids (seen in colleges and country clubs), patterned sport jackets were a way for the fashion-conscious, modern man to avoid having his jacket embarrassingly mistaken for a suit jacket.

If you’re looking to add a contemporary patterned sport jacket to your wardrobe, this Dolce & Gabbana brown houndstooth sport jacket is the way to go. It’s perfect for pairing with denim for a refined casual look.

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Matching Pants With Jackets

Suits are an easy buy for most men because all the pieces match and all there is to worry about is finding the right fit. Buying and matching separate jackets and pants to form a complete outfit, however, can be quite a daunting task for the modern man. With so many jacket styles and trouser fits to choose from, a mismatch is bound to occur every now and again.

For this very reason, the following is an important lesson on how to avoid an embarrassing jacket and pants mismatch.

trouser fabric
The key to combining a jacket with a pair of pants is not only in matching the color -- as many men may think -- but more so in matching the fabric.

Flannel trousers are the most versatile as they can be worn throughout a good part of the year and match with a wide variety of jacket and blazer fabrics.
Recommended jacket fabric: Tweed, corduroy

Wool gabardine
Wool trousers are smoother than flannel, and look best when paired with blazers of a contrasting fabric.
Recommended jacket fabric: Tweed

Cotton corduroy
While warmer than flannel or wool, cotton corduroy trousers are best worn in the colder months and should be paired with an equally warm jacket.
Recommended jacket fabric: Soft wool, cashmere

Made of a predominantly cotton canvas, chinos are a casual trouser and their dressed-down style should be accurately reflected in the jacket they’re paired with.
Recommended jacket fabric: Corduroy

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Timeless Designer Jeans

It’s becoming increasingly rare nowadays to find a workplace that demands a suit be worn on a daily basis. Though jeans were once relegated to weekend or outdoor activities, the casual office dress code means that denim has become the new uniform for life: It can be worn at work, at play, and everywhere in between...

It’s hard to get any more suave than Gucci, and these jeans are a gorgeous example of what those clever Italian designers are capable of creating. Beautifully cut with a straight leg and a classic medium wash, these are faded just the right amount, and the 10-and-a-half-inch rise means that they’ll sit perfectly on your body -- not too high and not too low. Of course, the Gucci label is imprinted on a leather patch on the back and all the rivets are engraved with the name of the renowned fashion house. All these features ensure that these jeans will look great on nearly everybody in addition to being completely appropriate for any occasion, save the most formal.

Paul Smith
Made exclusively in Japan from hot British designer Paul Smith and woven on an antique loom, these jeans have an irregular finish that will become super comfortable over time. The dark, natural indigo color will match all your casual and dress shirts and will mellow with a lot of wear to yield a lovely patina. A five-pocket, straight-leg fit makes they are great for pairing with pretty much any shoe.

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