Marc Jacobs Color Block Pouchette

Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Though this is true, many times I really beg to differ.

It is easy to sit back and say this phrase when referring to someone else, but when your idea, your grueling work, your sleepless nights, are copied it feels 100% horrible. Actually, it feels so bad you could go find that ’stealer’ and knock them over the head with a salami. When a huge name like Marc Jacobs ‘imitates’ from an even bigger name, Hermes, do you think there are similar feelings? Most likely not, seeing as Hermes is one of the most exclusive design houses in the world. Furthermore, imitating too closely will only make Marc Jacobs look bad. The Marc Jacobs Color Block Pouchette is a case of imitation gone wrong. When imitating, you must take what you see and do it better, or else it is a total flop. This pouchette is a flop, a colorful disaster, and just does not mesh. The colors are indeed bold but they hurt my eyes with the hues placed together, lilac quilted leather and orange trim. The major problem is the double flap top which is finished off with a turn-lock closure and padlock detail. Marc might as well of come clean and just called it the ‘iconic Hermes padlock’. Not only am I not feeling it, but many of the ladies and gents on the Purse Forum are saying shame on Marc Jacobs! Pre-order through Bergdorf Goodman for $1275.

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