Handbag of the week: Puma

Lydia Hearst Holiday bag (also available in asphalt grey), £90 at Puma

Party girl/model/keen tennis player (if this handbag is anything to go by) Lydia Hearst has paired up with Puma to bring you this patent, quilted racket bag.

Although it's unlikely you'll be saying ‘anyone for tennis' over Christmas it could be the perfect accompaniment to your get-slim-quick-so-I-can-fit-in-my-LBD-before-the-office-party gym sessions. On the other hand, the glamorous finish mixed with Puma's street aesthetic means you could make like the designer herself and take it on a night out.

This is Lydia Hearst's second bag collaboration with Puma. After starring in the company's global launch of French 77, Puma's highstyle range for men and women, in April, she designed the Lydia bag. Being part of a bespoke range means that there are a limited number of the new Lydia Holiday bags so you might want to take your racket with you when you go to buy it to fight off all the hoards.

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