2007 Luggage

There’s no better way to get excited about starting your vacation than packing all your necessities into a cool-looking bag or two.

Whether or not you travel frequently, a large suitcase and a weekender that can double as a carry-on are the minimum number of pieces you need to be able to pack your bags at a moment’s notice. It’s also useful if your set is somewhat distinct from everyone else’s since it will be much easier to scope it out in a sea of luggage.
To help you pick the set that’s most suitable for your lifestyle, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite pieces from 2007 that can be purchased individually or as part of a set, letting you stylishly mix and match your way to vacation paradise.

A luxe-looking silver finish gives Samsonite’s Graviton collection a futuristic edge that makes it suitable for jet-setters. If you tend to holiday in trendy, upscale locations, this set is the one to invest in. Functionally speaking, the hard-case shell will protect any valuables you have or are planning on bringing back, and there is ample room for all your clothes and souvenirs in the large-sized suitcase. A pop-up handle in combination with the wheels also means that despite its size, you’ll have no problem toting this sleek piece around the globe. Priced at around $320 USD for the largest suitcase, purchasing the entire set is not exactly cheap, but it’s certainly chic and will definitely get you noticed.

When you want to travel in style, do it with matching buttery soft leather duffle and accessory bags from Tod’s. These smooth and supple pieces exude easy luxury and deftly mix casual with professional, making the duffle model perfect for business travel, weekend excursions and even upscale gyms. For trips, check the duffle bag and use the computer bag as a carry-on. The messenger bag is perfect for everyday wear to and from your office, and to carry around daily necessities in a new city without looking like a tourist. Of course, designer products come with designer price tags, and these bags are no exception. However, superior construction and a go-everywhere look mean you should be able to get a good 10-years’ worth of use out of this collection. Give your look a European feel by adding a knee-length coat or a cropped jacket and work one of fall’s hottest trends.

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