I Really Love My...Denim!

Jessica's denim leggings! Miley's slashed skinnies! See how to get the jeans stars wear again and again – for less!

Jessica Simpson shows off denim's hottest trend – the jegging! – with J Brand's "901" denim leggings while traveling abroad and hanging out in New York City.
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I really love their glasses, they look so cute. It really complemented their style. :)

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Deborah M. Schaefer said...

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RD Robertson said...

Denim leggings & Skinnies are very interesting to wear. Tow stars are wearing denim leggings & Skinnies and looking most beautiful.

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I agree, if it works, stick to it. And this dress turned out really well!
That top pattern is too cute, as are your fabric choices. I love to design tank tops wholesale