Simple Slim Down Secret: Belt It!

Ladies everywhere should rejoice over the major comeback of the belt this season.

While last season’s loose, billowy silhouettes seemed to be an ideal choice for hiding problem areas and looking slimmer, this style often had the opposite effect, and for the most part, was only flattering on a select few (the few who were 5’11 and 120 pounds). A belt is a simple accessory that can radically transform your look and instantly create the appearance of a slimmer, more defined bod. Not to mention every gal’s best friend to restore confidence and feel sexy on those dreaded ‘fat days.’

But don’t take it from me. Sex And The City stylist Patricia Field is keeps coming back for more! “I have been using a lot of belts now, and always have. I like the waist and the sexiness a belt creates. If you put a belt on the waist it makes you longer. The whole hip thing makes you shorter, makes you look squatty. If you put a belt up high you look taller and thinner.”

Here are my favorite belt styles this season:

1) The Corset Belt: This style is a super sexy way to create the illusion of a teeny tiny waist. Arden B Leather Woven Corset Belt, $68

2) The Double Wrap Belt: Loop a skinny belt around any ensemble cinch that waist without feeling too constricted. Avignon Double Wrap Around Patent Belt, $98

3) The Black Patent Belt: This classic style is a sexy way to add shape and structure to your look. Anne Klein Patent Belt, $34

4) The Obi Belt: Adjust this style to create the perfect fit and add some spice to your look. Rachel Pally Metallic Print Obi, $17.10

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