Love for LV

With all the cameos Louis Vuitton made in the Sex and the City movie, we can only imagine that the brand is reaching new heights of popularity.

Perfect timing, then, for Edmonton’s newly renovated Louis Vuitton boutique to open its doors. Located in Holt Renfrew (10180 101st St. NW, Edmonton, 780-425-5300,, the 2,000-square-foot space houses even more gems, including these bangles from the Inclusion collection ($260 each).

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Five Watches That Telegraph Style and Success

A collection of five understated watches that project a quiet air of confidence instead of shouting how much money you have.

Clockwise from top right: Piaget Altiplano, Chopard L.U.C.XP, Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine, Paneral Radiomir Titanium, Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

1. Piaget Altiplano: With a movement just 2.5mm thick, the Altiplano's slim case is the spiritual antithesis of the beefy chronographs that held sway for a decade. $14,650.

2. Chopard L.U.C XP: If you're a gold guy but worry you'll look like Uncle Jerry from Miami, consider the subtler hue of rose gold in this classic L.U.C XP. $10,690.

3. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine: Wrought from white gold by a team of Swiss elves, the Patrimony's sole concession to flash is the stark glimmer of its hour and minute batons. $14,700.

4. Panerai Radiomir Titanium: There's no clearer expression of simplicity than the cut-out numbers on this dial, even when it's found on a 47mm Panerai. $27,300.

5. Rolex Oyster Perpetual: After a decade of big timepieces, the 36mm Oyster is now seen as the epitome of restraint. $4,400.

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Fete your fabulous mom in style

Endless Love

Tiffany & Co. notes collection - cuff, $480, bangle, $420, ring, $185.

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Calgary Shops: April report

Malwina Gudowska weighs in on this month’s best shopping and shades.

Four eyes only
After a glance through Eye Candy Optical Boutique (1301 17th Ave. SW, Calgary, 403-245-1525), I just might give up my contact lenses. The gallery-style purveyor of eyeglasses is a fresh take on an optician’s lair, and given its long list of designer labels—including Dior, Miu Miu, D&G, Ralph Lauren (shown, $295) and Ferragamo—I’m inclined to make the call: Laser surgery is so 2007.

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The best 2008 sunglasses for men

With spring in the air and summer around the corner, everyone’s making a mad dash outdoors for some sunshine and sport.

On your way out, grab your sunglasses to help shield your eyes and step up your style.

2008 has brought a fresh perspective to the world of shades: The focus is on sophisticated, subtle frames and refined, graduated lenses. So, for those among us ready for an upgrade, here’s a look at some of the best 2008 sunglasses; and to offer something for everyone -- at every price point -- we took the liberty of providing similar 2008 sunglasses that have the same amount of cool, but sport a lower price tag.

Giorgio Armani Double Bridge Aviators
Price: $265
Two fashion icons collide in the Giorgio Armani Double Bridge Aviators. Armani, known for his sleek sophistication, brings his signature touch to a style of shades that’s an all-time staple in men’s fashion -- aviators. This particular pair of 2008 sunglasses demonstrates the suave, masculine appeal found in simple lines and classic design.

Oliver Peoples Aero Sunglasses
Price: $350
Hollywood’s elite clamor to Oliver Peoples for the best in chic, high-quality shades; the Aero aviators demonstrate why. Fashioned from smooth metal and in-the-moment gradient lenses, these shades create a superbly posh image. When you couple their fast-paced appeal with their hidden-away comforts, the Aeros can make any average Joe look like a big-shot playboy. pick: Fossil Cole Sunglasses
Price: $38
Paying homage to classic style is what Fossil does best, and nowhere is that more clear than with its Cole sunglasses. A flawless replica of old-school aviators, these 2008 sunglasses are industry standard in terms of elegant, everyman appeal: straightforward design, vintage detail and masculine charm. Thankfully for the traditionalists, Fossil is still making ‘em like they used to.

Diesel Palladium Shield Sunglasses
Price: $180
Diesel’s commitment to street-smart, urban cool transcends nicely into eyewear, and the proof can be deduced from the Palladium Shield Sunglasses. With their oversize lenses and sleek frames, complete with hip detailing above the bridge and temple, these 2008 sunglasses rock an edgy vibe that’s somewhere between sporty and self-righteous.

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Winter Sunglasses

So, you think you can wear those summer shades all winter long. Well, think again, pal. The style and construction of a typical pair of summer shades with darker lenses and linear lines are no match for the grayer rays and sunlight angles in the winter.

You’ll want to find a pair with a lighter lens tint and a shape that fits closer to your face. The lighter tint will allow you to wear your shades in quickly changing light conditions and the closer fit will block the lower angles of light coming from the horizon, as well as reflections off blindingly white snow, if you happen to get the white stuff where you live.

A true pair of fashion sunglasses for the style conscious man who wants to combat the fading light of a winter’s day. These Lacoste shades are made to be paired with your favorite leather jacket and scarf that you so carefully pack away each spring. And while you might think about wearing them with your new Moncler ski jacket as you glide over moguls, you’re better off keeping these safe and sound until your après ski activities.

Ray Ban Olympia
The wraparound styling and sleek design of these sporty sunglasses scream speed. These Ray Ban shades are made to take you beyond your limit no matter what the weather is outside. Most importantly, however, is the protection from the sun and wind these Olympia’s offer you. And the frameless bottom reduces their overall weight, which makes them both practical and comfortable.

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Watches For Under $300 - Part II

In Part I, you were presented with some of the most stylish watches in the under-$300 category and many of you responded with equally great watches or inquiries about certain styles.

This is not surprising considering that the variety of watches in this range offers buyers the opportunity to express themselves and still get a reliable watch without taking out a loan. Let’s face it: All $10,000 watches begin to look the same after a while, and how many diamonds do you really need anyway?Here, then, are some of the styles and brands you asked to read about.

Invicta Dive Watch
Cost: $295

Automatic and stainless steel -- and under $300; what else could you ask for in a jock watch? Sure, go ahead and drop a few thousand on a high-end watch or try on this Invicta and see what a man of adventure and taste should wear. Besides, James Bond gets his dive watches for free. So skip the models with orange and yellow dials and go with this sleek number in monotone silver. Wear it 24 hours a day with the confidence that you saved a pile of cash, and look great no matter where you are or what kind of diving you’re doing.

Mondaine Evo
Cost: $160

Originally designed to be the official clock style for Swiss railway stations, Mondaine has evolved into a fine men’s watchmaker, offering clean, simple lines for the style-conscious man who wants his watch to be as utilitarian as it is fashionable. Mondaine continues to update its line with new pairings of materials and colors, but the philosophy of communicating the time without cluttering your mind with algebraic theories remains as the single best reason to strap on this Evo and get on with your life.

Cost: $185

Razor thin at 7 millimeters and made out of titanium, the case of the Skagen Performance Chrono is tough and unobtrusive. The understated elegance here is pure Danish design. Most of today’s men’s watches, including many profiled on these pages, are about being seen and impressing others, but this watch will go unnoticed by many except for the most astute observers of style.

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Tuesdays with Twiggers: Louis Vuitton a La Folie Jewelry

Even if you are not a fan of the over-the-top monogram...

Louis Vuitton bags, you still have to admit that their accessories are some of the best out there! Or, if plunking down over $600 for a handbag isn’t something you can easily do but you still want something Louis Vuitton, then the accessories might be just the thing for you. Louis Vuitton has recently begun to venture into producing fashion jewelry, and has been quite successful. Most recently, the ready-to-wear jewelry collection a La Folie was released. This fabulous fashion jewelry line has the monogram flower repeated in a translucent resin. All of the designs are set in brass with delicate designs within the flower. This collection includes a necklace ($330), bracelet ($300), ring ($225), earrings ($365), cell phone accessory ($170), and a brooch ($135). I personally thing this is a fun, hip, and fashionable jewelry line…and my only dilemma is whether to buy it all or just one or two pieces!

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Rent Your Bling!

We've grown accustomed to seeing our favorite stars flash bundles of bling on the red carpet.

And since awards season officially kicks off with the Emmys this weekend, we suspect your envy of those iced-out ornaments is kicking into overdrive. Well, now you don't have to wish upon a star to shine like one! is the only Website to offer jewelry and accessories from some of the world's top designers—including Christian Dior, Gucci, Rolex and John Hardy—for rent.

" is the simple way to keep up with today's latest trends without having to break the bank," founder Michelle Krause says of the new site, which she calls "the ultimate one-stop shop for luxury jewelry."

The rental fee for this $700 canary crystal and diamond ring by Judith Ripka? Just $56 per week. You can wear it to that black-tie event on Saturday night and flash it for a few more days while you run your errands during the week.

Renters beware: Major scratches or damages will cost you! If a returned piece is beyond repair (or is lost or stolen), the company will automatically charge the retail value of the item to your credit card. Otherwise, shine on!

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Louis Vuitton Charms

If you are a true accessory lover, you can always accessorize an accessory.

I love the idea of a charm hanging from my bag. Of course, I meticulously pick and choose which bag can be accessorized without looking silly. No need to go over the top and take the focus off of the bag. Louis Vuitton offers amazing charms at amazing prices. By amazing, I mean ridiculously expensive. At first glance, both the Louis Vuitton Heart Locket Monogram Charm and the Louis Vuitton Round Flower Charm are eye catching and effuse a feeling of femininity. The Heart Locket Charm is designed with white gold and shows off a bow on top of the stunning LV engraved locket. The Round Flower Charm is also made with white gold but features four pink tourmaline crystals. Both could be used to accent one of your favorite bags and both cost more than many bags. The locket is $1380 while the flower is $1650. Gorgeous just not that gorgeous. Buy via eLuxury’s Louis Vuitton boutique.

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Watches For Under $300

While big names like Rolex and Omega dominate the daydreams of corporate executives, a wide selection of styles and brands flourish in the under-$300 category.

This offers you the ability to own several watches instead of having to save for one mega-watch. You don’t own just one pair of shoes, so you might as well get hip to the notion that a well-chosen collection of modestly priced watches can complement your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Kenneth Cole KC1256 Cost: $150
Incredibly similar in style to the Tag Heuer Monaco made famous by Steve McQueen in the film Le Mans, this Kenneth Cole chronograph should never be thought of as merely a dressed-up sports watch. It’s all business in polished stainless steel with a silver-tone face that trumps the ‘70s splash of blue and red on the Monaco’s face.

Swatch G-Ring Cost: $140
Swatch has come a long way from its '80s plastic models and has evolved to include this slick number. With a 45.60 mm dial and three large sub-dials, the G-Ring announces its hefty presence quietly but confidently. This may be the watch you grab for those last-minute getaways because it simply works with every piece of clothing you’ll ever own.

Swiss Army Cavalry Cost: $195
A true modern classic: Well-made, easy to read and sublime in its simplicity. The thin case means it won’t push or pull against your shirt cuff and the saddle-stirrup shape of the buckle is a nice detail in such an affordable watch. Pair it with a checked shirt and a worn-in pair of jeans to achieve that weekend look any day of the week.

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Hot Trend: Breeze Through Charm School

Charm bracelets are a great way to wear look-at-me jewelry without going over the top.

Feminine and full of personality, your choice of charms can reflect a lot about you, from interests to hobbies to a collection of travel mementos.

Your charm bracelet doesn’t have to come with a narrative, though! You can simply express your great sense of style with this classic Burberry Brit Charm Bracelet.

Whether you use them as an extension of your personality or just a beautiful accent, charm bracelets are a fabulous choice for dressing up any outfit.

Some of our favorites:

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2007 Eyeglasses

Far from being dorky, glasses now come in so many cool styles that people with 20/20 vision have been known to buy frames without the prescription lenses.

Silver-screen stars, quirky musicians and regular people alike have all turned glasses into a serious fashion statement and it’s easy to see why: The right eyewear will not only correct your vision, but will also make you look more polished, put together and intelligent.

Versace VE 1003Suitable for men with triangular faces due to the very slim, not-too-angular frames, these glasses from Versace won’t overwhelm your face and will also de-emphasize a pointed chin. Those with square-shaped faces will also look great in frames like these since the contoured rims will downplay strong jaw lines. Men with either of these face shapes who love classic clothes and understated elegance should opt for these glasses since they’ll further refine whatever you pair with them. Don’t go too bold with your clothing, however, since these glasses will look best with fabrics and cuts that are equally timeless.

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The Many Shades of Marc

The eye-catching new line of specs and sunglasses from designer Marc Jacobs.

In 2005, Marc Jacobs introduced his first collection of sunglasses, which featured lenses large enough to shield our glamorous selves from ex-boyfriends, creditors, paparazzi, etc. This summer, the less flush fashionista will appreciate the brand spankin’ new Marc by Marc Jacobs line of eyewear. Colourful specs for the more bookish among us range from standard chocolate brown or tortoiseshell to the intriguing combo of pearl and peach. Already on shelves nationwide, the sunglasses (from $100) feature those big frames—arms emblazoned with the logo in size large—ensuring that while you may choose to go incognito, the tabs will still know who made your shades.

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Fashion Loves

A selection of Torque rings—one of the coolest results of the collaboration between world-renowned architect Frank Gehry and the estimable Tiffany & Co. brand—makes a graphic impression. These rings, and dozens of other incredible items, will be up for silent auction at the Buy Design for Windfall event on April 21 in Toronto.

Editor’s Tip: A great ring draws attention to the hands. Keep them gorgeous with regular manicures—experts recommend one or two a month, whether at the salon or at home on the couch.

Frank Gehry for Tiffany & Co. rings, from $160. Visit

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Montreal Notes: Gloria Bass Design

Get stacked with these elegant rings.

One just isn’t enough at Gloria Bass Design (1361-1 Greene Ave., 2nd floor, Westmount, 514-933-7062, Along with platinum, yellow and white gold, the designer’s elegant stacking rings (from $385) are now available in red gold. While one of these pretty, little baubles might look fine, it’s far more fun to flash a finger with four or five.

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Fashion Loves

You may not have been nominated, but you can still glam up your look with a bejewelled clutch.
Editor’s Tip: Keep your clutch looking sleek, not stuffed. Essentials include your cellphone, cards and keys.

Daniel Swarovski Couture evening bag, $2,850. Visit

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Vancouver Notes: Tiffany & Co.

Redefining the expression “sugar daddy” just in time for Valentine’s Day are Tiffany & Co.’s candy-coloured Paloma Picasso Sugar Stack rings (from $1,150), made of 18-karat yellow gold and mouth-watering gemstones, such as lemon quartz, amethyst and peridot. You know you’re worth it. At Vancouver’s newly minted Tiffany & Co. boutique (723 Burrard St., 604-630-1300,

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We've rounded up hundreds of gift ideas, so you can give the perfect present to all the special someones on your list.


Metallic snakeskin-and-leather bangles in mini, small and large, Ted Rossi, ($48)/($85)/($115); or 310-859-2652. Featured in In Style December Gift Guide.


[ Price and availability are subject to change ]

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Vancouver Notes: Dyrberg/Kern

Bring on the bling.

If you covet the glittery Danish jewels that often bedeck CTV anchor Colleen Christie, head to Dyrberg/Kern (3030 Granville St., 604-730-5011,, which has opened its first North American store. The holiday collection of vintage-y jet necklaces, pendants (shown, from $80) and earrings will add a little extra sparkle to the season’s festivities.

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Fashion Loves

Feeling precious, darling?

Rock out the crown jewels because they are royally in. From ruby red to emerald green, these treasured tints will make any watch, belt or ring dazzle.

Editor’s Tip: Don’t be dull. Brighten up your wardrobe with a high-watt watch strap. A jewel-toned accessory will keep you on time and in style from morning till night.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch, $2,495. At Birks across Canada. Categories for this posting: Accessories

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Product Finder


Purse charms in Snakeskin and leather, Bottega Veneta, Leather $200; Snakeskin $230; Featured in December 2006.

[ Price and availability are subject to change ]

Holiday Gift Guide

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Fashion Loves

First-class flyer

Look ultraglam logging those frequent flyer miles with the ultimate travel accessories. A sleek and chic passport cover gets bumped up to first class with a touch of Tiffany blue.Editor’s Tip: Opt for brightly coloured hues on luggage tags and bags to easily ID your belongings in the terminal.

Tiffany & Co. passport cover, $100. At Tiffany & Co., Toronto.

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Letter Perfect Gift Idea: Initial Necklaces

I don't know about you, but I always get slammed with birthdays in late September/early October. People born around this time are Libras, an astrological sign known for being quite charming, like Gwyneth, Naomi and Hilary. Which is why I'd bet on them liking one of these tiny Marian Mauer Initial Charm necklaces. I gave one to a friend recently and it was such a hit, it may become my standard present for all significant birthdays (the ones that end in "oh!"). Yes, it's a bit pricey, $215, but it's 18k gold and something she'll treasure forever and wear every day. Don't you think a tiny "H" would look great on Hilary Duff? Log onto for more info. -- Angela Matusik

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Piecing together a charm bracelet is like creating a collage, incorporating emblems of much loved memories to represent a life well lived.


Monogram pochette charm of 18kt yellow gold, Louis Vuitton, $900; or 866-884-8866. Featured in September 2006.

[ Price and availability are subject to change ]

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Hot Finds

Bows & Ribbons
Bows are making fashion even sweeter. Gift yourself with a beribboned confection now.

Bow Bling

THE FIND Logo and bow earrings by Dior

WHY YOU WANT IT These crystal-encrusted logo earrings are a fun way to get some designer flash; the classic silver bow charm makes these more than just a trendy treat. ( Click in above... or here for more celebrity trends

Swag We'll Pay For: ToyWatches

Lots of fashion magazines have been proclaiming ToyWatches as the next big wrist-thing this fall, and after seeing how they were snatched up by stars at the The Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet in Los Angeles, I've decided it might be time (no pun intended) to get one for myself. Sophia Bush (showing off hers, left), Keira Knightley, Felicity Huffman, Allison Janney, Randy Jackson, Drew Lachey, and Jerry Ferrara have been all seen sporting these watches, which are described as Rolex-Meets-Swatch. My only dilemma now is to choose between which style and color to buy. Should it be the pink Mother of Pearl, shown left, $250, or maybe the Sport Chrono with a black dial, $225. What do you think? Check them out at -- Angela Matusik

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Fashion Loves

The Power Hour

Build your watch wardrobe with an oversized men’s-style watch for work or weekend. Editor’s Tip: Want to up the elegance factor? Opt for mother-of-pearl and crystal details for a feminine touch. You’ll be right on trend…and time.

Guess watch, $165. Available at The Bay, Sears and Guess across Canada. Call 800-263-0981.

Categories for this posting: Accessories

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Hot Finds

Exotic Accent
THE FIND Silk barrette with chain overlay by Cara Accessories
THE PRICE $48 each
WHY YOU WANT IT The bright fabric, bold bamboo and chain detailing will give punch to any outfit; the wide barrette will keep your mane in check. ( Click in above... or here for more celebrity trends

Shoptart [click in]

Pop Art

You may not like the idea of putting something by Acne Jeans on your smooth visage, but the Swedish collective's new mini-range of quirky eyewear will change your view. Shunning logo-laden bling, the Acne team modeled the shades (around $200) after eccentric, slightly retro style icons: the Director (bottom), Artist (middle) and Fashion Model (top). They're yet another reason to love the Stockholm-based group of designers, advertising creatives and magazine publishers who started off by making denim for their friends, but now find themselves with an internationally coveted label on their hands and, dare we say, a replacement for our Helmut Lang obsession. At Opening Ceremony and Barneys New York, Browns Focus London and Acne Jeans stores in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Berlin. -Stephen Morriss. ( 27 July 2006 Click in above... OR SEE MORE CELEBRITY TRENDS [here]